I love Cabernet sauvignon
I love Faust cabernet sauvignon A LOT!
I've had an amazing week of purity....I decided to do a liver cleanse after my 4 weeks of gluttonous activities....
I took core restore for 7 days.
I fasted for the first 48 hours with only the supplements and then the "AWFUL SHAKE OF GRIT".
It has bentonite in it - its gritty and smells completely awful - the first time I had to drink it I thought i was going to projectile vomit all over the kitchen - by the 7th day,i was slamming it with almost no problems...so if you can get past the first day, you will be alright (fingers crossed)
THen day 3-7 comes.  You may only eat organic foods, which is easy for me because I try to do that now.  I had chicken breasts most of the time.  I roasted cauliflower, carrots, peppers, brussels, squash, onions...Also had spinach or arugula salads with apples or pears and almonds.  It does take time....but its worth it.  
NO caffeine - I have officially stopped drinking caffeineted coffee (i never thought this would happen)
NO alchohol - I was scared but had no problems at all
NO eggs or dairy - You can have goat cheese though and I had coconut milk or almond milk- seriously same thing
NO peanuts
NO gluten
 No seafood - that was difficult - no sushi :(
NO GUM - that was the worst part I think......I have also officially stopped chewing sugar free gum - i watched a documentary on how it eats your brain - Im done.
This sounds hard - and for most people it may be....I don't eat pre-packaged foods, fast food or anything out of a box so for me it was easy. You just have to pre plan - like bake 6 chicken breasts right away so you have things available to put on a salad or eat on the go.  I roasted a ton of veggies and through them on the salad.  Also had organic apples and almonds in the car to eat just in case.  

I lost 6 pounds without trying.
I feel better -more alert and on task.
I have slept better which is why i did this in the first place.
Im more aware of what goes into my mouth and how it affects me.
I recommend it.
Back to 03 Faust cab
Its gorgeous - I may have quit chewing gum and drinking caffeinated coffee but I am NOT quitting drinking wine.  I went 7 days - now its time for a treat and this is it.

Its seductive and silky....it lingers forever and has blackberry fruit flavors with gripping but loose tannins.  It fills your mouth with flavor.  It promises a good night
thank you faust for a nice sunday evening

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