i had this crazy dream last night....maybe it was the wine, maybe i was overtired, maybe it was the crazy techno music i listened to yesterday or the truffle oil I ate.....Either way I dreamt that I was the last person on earth and I was walking around the country just trying to find somthing.  Where did everyone go?  I felt good, never got tired and I would walk for awhile through the desert and it was crazy hot but I didnt sweat...then I would be next to the ocean and I could feel the mist on my face and smell the salty ocean air.....what seemed like minutes later, I would be walking through a forest and I could smell the moist earth and hear the perfect silence.
I wasnt scared.  I wasnt tired, emotional or confused.  I was just walking.  On this quest but not really looking for anything but knowing what I was looking for.  It was peaceful and the colors were so vivid and bright.
I passed fields of flowers in bloom and I bent down to smell one and the aroma was so overwhelming and sweet.  I was walking down a dirt lane in a farm field and smelled fresh lavender.  I was passing by blooming cherry trees and lilacs.  I was at a pier at sunset and the sunset took over the sand with color..
Then I woke up lying in a ditch feeling exactly the opposite as I had just felt-I felt like the entire world was laying on my chest and I couldnt move as i was so exhausted.  I felt like the worst hangover youve ever had - completely uncomfortable, my hair hurt and my skin crawled.  As I lay there, not being able to move, I thought of nothing.  My mind was completely blank like everything I had just witnessed walking through the world never existed.  I just lay there with a blank mind and an empty soul. 
When I actually woke up this morning I layed there and thought about both those feelings. I dont have any comments on it and am not good at reading into dreams but hours later I still feel mighty weird.  Different. 
Maybe I am

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