So....I write this from Aqui Italy in piedmonte. There is music blasting and kids and people everywhere. And its monday night and late,  its 1123pm and I'm in the hotel lobby.  Internet isnt avilable everyhere like it is in us so this is the first time I've had any service at all. My phone doesnt work at all. Sprint will be getting words with me as they said it was completely set up and good to go.

Anyway to the good stuff

I left and went to airport. No joke. They said I didnt have a ticket. I had to buy a $9800.00 ticket and l was on my way. Deal with that later!!! Detroit to NY. NY met the boys I was traveling with. Aaron from san fran. Harmen from naples. Mike from ny. Jason from chicago. Daniel from palm beach. Lars is our "translater", tour guide etc from ny. Then Jackson and Jason from beverly hills show up with bags of cameras and equipment. We are being taped for a documentary. Oh oh. I better be good!

I will tell u first class is the only way to fly internationally. I was blown away. Had mechanical chairs and ur own little cubby that goes into a laydown bed. Massager. I watched 3 movies with my free bose earphones. They had pillows, blankets, champagne, water and a 4 crse dinner paired with wine. They give u a little carryon with socks mints toothpaste etc. U can charge all ur phones, comp, etc. U have ur own tvs and anything u want is at ur fingertips by a push of a button. Im telling u for a 8 hr flight, I felt like I was at my own home and didnt even know I was flying.  So impressive.

Got to italy had an espresso and a shot of fernat. At 8am we headed to gavi piedmonte right away. Vineyard tour and wnery wour. So interesting how cortese ( the grape)is trellised and the soil is 30 clay. 30 sand. 30 limestone.   Vigne regali. Headed to lunch. Im not kidding when I say it took 4 hrs. We had 10 courses of food- marlin carpaccio, stuffed squash blossoms with cream and truffles, homeade mushroom ravioli with black truffles and parmesan, lightly smoked raw beef with olive oil and celery, hazelnut cake, grilled peaches, chocolate gelato, basil and roasted red pepper risotto, foccocia with red pepper ricotta  are just some of the courses  and bottle after bottle of wine. Then espresso fernat and grappa. The winemaker and vineyard manager were with us and educational and fun.

Then realizing we had been drinking for 2 solid days with no sleep- checked in our hotel and I took an hour nap and then preceded to dinner.  Had the most delicious swordfish with roasted potatoes and zucchini. Then " the butterflies" bowtie pasta with basil, prosciutto and olive oil.  Then a huge slice of watermelon for dessert.  Yes watermelon. The best I've had in yrs. I am completely exhausted and feel I've already gained 5 lbs! 

Wines today
Principessa gavi
Principessa perlante gavi
Lardi dolcetto di acqui 08 and 10
Banfi rosa regale
Banfi brut
Fernat ( not wine but liquid bitterness) 

Best part of my day-the food!



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