I get asked this all the time - When should I drink this wine - can I save it for a couple of years?
You can - but it will probably taste like watered down vinegar with no fruit or any real body.

Dont save it - drink it.  Drink it on a Tuesday - why a Tuesday you ask?  why not?  Everyday is a good day to drink your special bottle or a just a good bottle.  I knew a man, a prominant lawyer, who had hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in his cellar and do you know what he drank every day?  A $12 cabernet.  Now there is nothing wrong with a $12 cabernet but Why? i asked him.  He said if he drank it - it would be gone (and he looked at me like I was the devil)  - thats like the commercial that says -" I pick things up I put them down" - No shit sherlock it will be gone - you will have drank it - made a memory that forever you could think about and talk about.  Today is the day to live!
  Also - most wine (at least 90%) is made to be drank NOW.  Within a year or so anyway.  The pricey wine that collectors are "saving for a monumentous occasion" are usually wines that do last a long time - it is also wine that has a peak - all wine has a peak - and once that peak is hit it is DOWN hill from there.  The wine advocate and wine spectator tries to tell you when to drink it but how do they really know?  Bordeaux started this whole  "hold the wine tradition" but that was because it needed time to be drinkable.....It was too acidic and dry and as wine ages the tannins fall out as sediment so it becomes smoother.   
   Last night I drank a Silver Oak Napa cabernet with white chicken chili - and it was tasty - and I will possibly remember what i did in the future, maybe not - but It sure was a  nice night! And the Brew Crew and Packers won.
I also sometimes write on the corks what I did while I was drinking it. 
Cheers to picking an ordinary day and making it extraordinary just by a glass of grape juice!

Everyone put their glasses up and I drink to that
10/14/2011 11:46:57 am

This is so true!!
I have a hard time breaking into my vertical collection and I may be disappoted when I do open...hard to find people that understand and appreciate the wine to open for :(


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