So - I was in Florida and decided to take a trapeze course.  Why? you ask.  Because in my brain I have this little area that needs to be filled with new and exciting things.  

My body says "NO" and my brain says "YES - try it and CONQUER".

My Brain once again one, like an upcoming blog will show you- won over and this seems to be a problem.  I risk my sanity and sometimes life, to do these silly and dangerous things. But not that silly and dangerous I think.

Anyway.  It was awesome and totally fun.  And I nailed it - This was the first time I did it and my landing was a bit fumbled but all and all a performance any Gram would love. (I will let you know what she says about it next week - Im sure she will be ecstatic)

I was nervous at first but after seeing the first couple of people, including a 42 year old man with stout arms and a hairy chest, a 16 year old girl in short shorts and tape wrapped around her hands which made me think this was NOT her first time and a 26 year old tiny Asian woman who floated through the air like a perfect butterfly - I was thinking I was amazing and had nothing to worry about.

Then the 21 year old Spanish model got up there in her tight, black spandex shirt and grey leggings that made her ass look like 2 perfectly shaped pillows of perfection - Her hair flowing in the wind and as she confidently moved up the 52 steps on that ladder of scariness, she had this glow about her.  She got up there, stood proudly on this tiny piece of metal and then her perfect arms came up to tie her long flowing mane into a bun.  She looked amazing up there as I sit back and watch on the ground with my too tight belt on - tight enough that a layer of chubbiness went over my belt and I was sweating like a school boy about to pick up his prom date.....
She grabbed the bar as the hot, shirtless boy helped her (he helps everyone but this is the perfect time for him to come into the story) and shes standing there all elegant......Then She steps off the platform and we are all expecting her to float like a swan through the air and be graceful and amazing and instead

PLOP.  She falls to the net with a thud, her puny arms not able to hold her own body weight (which is 22lbs) and she lays there in embarrassment and fear......I clap at her to try to make her feel better and she didnt think that was amazing.  She is crying and then as she starts walking to the side to dismount, she gets tangled in the net and smacks her head on the side bar.....then finally trys to get down and gets her leg stuck in the wire and falls to the ground.  Its not her day.
 and I have to follow that.

My ass wasn't perfect, my hair didn't flow, I screamed obscenities, I looked like a pot bellied pig, all sweaty and gross.....But I did it and was amazing and I was the only one to have a cheering audience of 10! 

It was awesome.  I would do it again in a second.  

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