A 3 hour drive north and there we were. At ski brule.
It was my first time there and I have to say that I recommend it highly.
Stayed at a cottage right in the property. Eagles nest top. Sauna. Outdoor hot tub. Wood burning fireplace with tons of wood outside. The fire never stopped burning the 2 nights were were there. Full kitchen with appliances and dishware.
We had a problem with our coffee maker and 4 minutes later they brought a new one. We called for a shuttle to bring us with all of our gear to the hill and seconds later he was there to help us load up. They had kids ski school, great helpful people, night skiing, and I heard good rentals. There was some easy runs, and some great challenging ones. It was a blast.
I will go again in a heartbeat. PRay for some real snow though please.
I started this year with the flu and confused on where life was going for me.
I ended this year with hope, clarification and a clear head.  
Feels good to not only say that, but believe it.

I am blessed with a year of great health again! 

Some of the best moments of 2012
I went to Disney World for the first time of my life.  It was even better then I thought it would be!  
M I C K E Y * M O U S E......
My best friend got married on a perfect April day to her love.  The days leading up to the wedding and all the time we got to spend together are days I will never forget.  I didn't think our friendship could grow and strengthen more - but I was wrong.
I got the best title added to my name this year - Godmother.  My brother and Erin had a baby - his name is Jack.  Hes a smaller version of my brother - who is pretty amazing - but Jack is my main man...He is not just cute- but smart and smiley and perfect.  I find myself a little infatuated with seeing him smile.  
I took trapeze lessons and did a flip about a mile in the air (i'm exaggerating but it felt like it)
I saw the magnolias and Azaleas in full bloom in Savannah, Georgia.  And stayed at the best place of my life for my birthday, with my dear friend,  in South Carolina - The Inn at Palmetto Bluff.
I went to Palm Springs for some old 50s style charm and to see a movie or 2 at the Palm Springs International Film Festival - and also went to the Napa Valley Film Festival to watch the Premiere of "SOMM" and it was spectacular.
I went to California Wine Country about 10 times this year - went horseback riding, made my own wine and ate and drank like a queen there.  Every time is still like the first time out there!
My oldest and dearest friend had a baby, Ella, a red head of beauty. 
I went to Texas with a friend I hadn't seen since High school - we rode a longhorn with a 9 foot horn spread.  We danced under the stars on a perfect starry night to Jake Hooker. We went to Texas Wine country, which was surprisingly great....I have new cowboy boots, went to Austin and seen live music and smiled and laughed with the cowboys!  San Antonio river-walk completed
I went to Bayfield, WI for my first time and biked on Madeline Island.  Also found many waterfalls there!  and the opening of Wild Rice Restaurant.
My 71 Volvo had an amazing Photo shoot with Motor Trend Magazine and I was featured in the fall issue.  It was over the top cool! 
I spent loads of time with Kila - In wis, cali and many other places!
We celebrated my grandparents 62 anniversary - I had many Sunday mornings with them and great stories of love and faith to share.
Emily got engaged to the most amazing man - I cant wait for the wedding.
I took a new job at my company and have more time for a personal life!
Time in Door County was relaxing - Sheboygan fun over the summer with paddle-boarding  fires on the beach and bocce ball in the sand!
I went to a 5 day Wine Seminar in California and learned so much! 
HAWAII - one of the best, if not the best, trip of my life.  Maui is a dream - like paradise that I could have stayed in forever. I intend on going back and soon!  Please go!
I paddle-boarded, cross country skiied, biked, ran many miles, snorkeled, golfed, swam, hiked and biked.
I drove the entire 269 mile Blue Ridge Parkway - from Washington DC to North Carolina.  It was gorgeous. Virginia was one of my biggest surprises of the year - their wine country, the food, the vibe, the history - I am going to explore more this year!
Ft Lauderdale, Miami and South Beach were firsts too this year! 
 I went to a Catalina wine mixer, and also saw Madonna front row in Minneapolis. 
So Many New great friends this year! and that stupid scramble with friends!

I had some tough times this year too.  But out of the tough times has come positives.  I realized I was carrying someones elses burdens.  I was living in a life that was mentally unhealthy.  And what finally has changed that was unfortunately - the worst part of my year.  I lost my grandparents in a tragic car crash.  There really is nothing worse than seeing not one, but two, hearses leaving a church with your favorite two people in the world inside of them.   It is still hard every day BUT out of this has come clarification and peace.  This tragedy made me re-evaluate my life and its contents.  It was like a light switch flipped on (or off) something and I have never felt better mentally.  I feel like I can finally breath.  Thank you to them for helping me see things differently and getting on a healthy track.  They have given me a solid foundation to work from.  I am blessed to have been able to share so much time with them and watch their love grow still every day.
I also went to Michigan and rekindled a dear friendship that means a lot to me.  Friends are my family and I'm glad to have that dear friendship back in my life.  
I want to be a better communicator.  I want to travel and I want to love hard and be able to take a new and healthy chance with someone special.  

lastly - there is wine.....that perfect grape elixir - So many memories have been made and I drank so many grand bottles of red, white, bubbles, pink and with so many amazing friends, co workers, family and just randoms. 3 liters, magnums, regulars, minis - beautiful dinners and lunches all over the country....I spoke at over 100 wine dinners/events this year! and at Kohler Food and Wine....I had lunch with Lydia Bastianich.  I met so many other celeb chefs and winemakers and have had the pleasure of staying at many wineries overnight - Jordan, stags leap, Franciscan, and my favorite the Inn at Buehler Winery! 

On this day - the first day of the rest of my life on January 1st 2013 - I wish you all faith, love and health

I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.  I can choose which it shall be.  Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.  I have just one day, today, and I am going to be happy in it........Groucho marx