A boring tuesday night that turned into something special...story unfolds like this - the same tuesday - stop with a bottle with friends and conversations turn from boring to BAM within 30 minutes.  I secretly wished for a slow roasted pig and coleslaw before my first glass was over.  It brought me back to a funny summer day where we woke up, pulled a 120 lb albino looking pig out of the fridge with no racks in it, and humped this irridescent animal into a hot charcoal grill....the skin sizzling as the heat started to turn the lard into liquid....

Hours later this suddenly bronzed swine was glistening in the sunlight, surrounded by 60 starving carnivores.  Ah the first bite was mine, skin as crispy as a corn chip...

Smoky, sweet, savory and delicious.  Just like this wine.  Smoky sweet savory and delicious.  A great tribute to New Orleans - Fess Parker roasts a perfect pig with this one

Life has a way of getting away from me

I've been home for 3 weeks and Ive found myself diving into work, wine tastings, wine dinners and constant running.  Trying to see my nephew, trying to work out, trying to see my friends.  I realized a couple of things lately......I waste too much time on silly things.....facebook, scramble with friends, looking at travel websites.   Its time to refocus!

I just signed up for a photography class, i vowed to write on here more about wine and travel and I am cutting out some of the garbage.....

I am making some new goals and sticking to them!

An Evening with Quintessa

Block Tasting & Vertical Tasting


2011 Illumination Sauvignon Blanc

served with Imported Cheese, Bread and Fruit Tray

2011 Corona Norte, Cabernet Sauvignon

2011 Dragon's Terrace, Cabernet Sauvignon

served with Roasted Eggplant, Sweet Red Pepper Cream and Olive Crustini

2011 Riviera Norte, Cabernet Franc

2011 Tesoro, Petit Verdot

served with Crustini with Duck Breast,

shitake mushrooms and balsamic glaze

2009 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon

served with Bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates

2006 and 2009 Quintessa

served with Braised Short Ribs with Roasted Fall Vegetables

I read this book on New years day - It was religious in some ways but even if you are not religious - I believe its a good true story of a mans life and his crossing over into heaven.  and then back onto the earth.  It made me truly happy that his recollection of heaven was so "full of joy and happiness and everyone was smiling and laughing and singing" that it was comforting to know that not only were my grandparents there but I too will be able to go there when its my time.  
   We all hope for greatness now and in the afterlife - whatever you may believe that may be.  
This man believes he came back because a stranger came over and layed next to him in his demolished car, held his hand, and prayed for him.  He was already pronounced dead.  for over 20 minutes at this time.  What a story and he has many people that back the story up.  Can you imagine?  
  And all because of this stranger.  
 The story is not all peaches and cream.  When this man came back from heaven to here his body was thrashed.  It took him years of surgeries and being in the hospital, crippling pain and depression.  He asked God daily why he let him come back to endure this type of hellish life.  
He speaks about this hour in heaven now - all over the world.  People come to him and he gives them strength and hope.  He also wrote this book which is a quick read and it makes you really think of life.  Maybe its a hoax.  But I want to believe I will feel so happy and joyous when i leave this beautiful world
You do not know me but for some reason I checked the Post Cresent just now. I do not know why but am grateful that I did. Always meant to be together. I am so sorry for your loss.
Always remember the memories. Those they can not take away from us. God Bless You All.
Sharon Mueller
Little Chute, Wisconsin
This was from a complete stranger that signed my grandparents guest book on the funeral home website.  This person read the paper and felt she needed to say that she saw their love and was so happy they could hold hands and leave the world together.    I have reread this a hundred times.  I have thought about this Sharon and her compassion.  Its the little things that we all need to remember to do in life.  Its those things that seem to affect us so strongly.  
at a moment like this in time - how can life ever be bad?

So - Breck the 2nd time was so much more fun then the first.  I didn't get a concussion and I didn't fall a thousand times.  I stayed up! And I ended up doing about 13000 feet on Saturday.  I stayed in a condo on the bottom of Peak 9 and could ski in and out - AWESOME>  Also could walk to downtown and eat so easily!  
Park and Main was my favorite restaurant by far!  Just opened up this year and they are serving some tasty food.  The ambiance could be seen as cool in the industrial sense or maybe a bit desolate.  Wines served in a beaker (and a great wine list - a 04 reserva rioja for $7!!!)  and some flavorful food (fava bean bruschetta with aged balsamic, bahn mi, beautiful salads, bacon and jalapeno deviled eggs)  They also serve brunch!

Another great restaurant was Modis - I had been there before and enjoyed it.  I had Homeade Ramen with Ritual Pinot Noir from Chile (one of my faves!) 

Empire Burger had tasty burgers for a quick lunch.  The crepe shop downtown is a must too!  The line snakes around the block like the ladies room at the Packer game BUT - a better end result here!  There is sweet or savory crepes with the fillings.  Strawberry cheesecake or the Parisian (brie, ham and mustard) or pumpkin maple or etc etc etc.   There is a crepe hippy master slinging these crepes to order and he does it right! 

The drive back to Denver was beautiful and a stop at Red Rocks was well worth it.  What a cool concert area!  I can't wait to see someone live there.  And it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere but you are 2 miles from the highway! 

PS - if you ever go to Denver in search of an amazing restaurant open on Superbowl sunday - OMG - will not happen!  Thank God for CRU in lodo.....

Waking up In Nebraska on my way to Colorado......this is what I saw.  The sky looked like the ocean upside down and pink and orange.  It lasted for what seemed like an eternity.  Hwy 80 - the flattest - longest boring road in the world....and then this.  Makes you realize that beauty is everywhere