Seattles Best
Lecosho - Pig on the sign so thinking we were going to have a menu full of pig -
I had a seafood cippoino style - mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, almond paste, saffron broth
beets, goat cheese, arugula salad
glass of champagne to celebrate life

Wild Ginger - crazy huge place
karabuta pork satay
MOngolian noodles, 7 spice beef, chicken green curry, duck with sticky hot bun
Mongolian noodles (homeade) with vegetables, cilantro, cucumbers - so delicious and flavorful
Duck was amazing!  the cilantro made it fresh and cinnamon coated duck fat - holy crap -
O reillys pinot gris from Oregon

Breakfast in paradise
House made sausages - sweet and spicy- fennel and peppers
House made vanilla marscapone cheese on pancakes
house made syrup
french brewed coffee

Dahlia Bakery
house made fig newton
cinnamon cream cake

Ruths Chris Steakhouse
French onion soup with gruyere - intense veal stock, velevety and so pure, sweet onions and gruyere - awesome
11 oz Filet cooked to perfection and swimming in butter - delicious
Creamed corn - sweet and crunchy- creamy
Vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry coulis
uppercut cabernet from napa valley - surprisingly good intense and toasty

Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls
House made carpaccio with arugula and truffle oil, mustard
pulled pork sandie with cabbage and apple slaw
My first argentinian sauv blanc

after an hour on the phone with go daddy I think I may actually get this up and running.

I also bought a ticket to Seattle last night for the upcoming memorial day weekend.  I drank one too many glasses of wild horse pinot obviously or the stress of trying to understand ip addresses and A-numbers and domain hosts got to me and I figured i may need relaxation soon.

Ive decided on this stormy night, after 2 glasses of Wild Horse Pinot Noir, tonight is the night!   I am going to do this website thing that has been sitting on the backburner for years.  I will not be the procrastinater any longer..................and I really want to get my own travel, food and wine show - we are.