I heart Zinfandel.
This was an exciting tasting of 3 paso, 3 napa and 3 dry creek zins. We had to blind taste and pick out where they all were from.

Here was the list we got at the end
1. Brown estate from napa
2. Turley Howell mt
3. Biali st Helena
4. Proulx willow creek
5. Ancient peaks margarita vineyards
6. Peachy canyon especial
7. Morrison rock pile
8. Ridge lytton springs
9. Dasche Florence

My favorites -
peachy canyon-an old favorite
Ridge Lytton springs-a classic

The owner of both of those wineries were there also to go through these wines and the different areas

A pleasure and Ieft with black teeth
1. Schulbert block b 2009. Martinborough
Wine so ripe and balanced. I would drink every single day

2.greenhough 2010 hope vineyard. Nelson
More acidic and mineral. Cranberry fruits.

3. Terravin 2010 eaton vineyard. Marlborough
Black fruit. Drier and lingering

4. Mountford estate 2008 the gradient
Waipara valley
Smells like crushed gravel. Blackberry pie with acidic lingering full finish

5. Burn cottage 2010 central otago. Biodynamic. Mts
Smells like raspberry jam
Full ripe flavor
Mineral. Balanced oak

6. Ostler vineyard 2009 Carolines
waitaki valley
Cherry cranberry acidic. Light acidic finish

I liked # 1 the best.

They were all really nice in their own way. All were characteristic Pinot noir.
All were well made
New Zealand is fantastic for Pinot noir
What a way to start a Thursday morning......Keith hock... Winemaker at schramsberg...my favorite

We tasted a 2011 base still blend. Then on to the 2011 natural (undosaged) sparkler....high acid low alcohol is the name of the game for sparklers and they got that right. The base wine was so acidic it made my teeth hurt! Searing acidity is right...the natural smelled like white grapefruit and orange. Tight bubbles. That searing acidity showed it's face..
Then the 2005 natural. It smelled off to me but it blew off. Good flavored though.

#4The 05 dosaged....The acid calmed down and balanced the wine out with the age. Hints of Yeast and a really nice bubble. I really enjoyed this bright wine. It was balanced and young but had some aging characteristics
#5 2001
Subdued nose. Clean. It had a tiny bit of chemicalness to it at first. I retasted it and it evened out. It was aging well. The last year estate grapes were used.

Wine 6. 1997
Rich fruit. Aged well. Ripe fruit. Rich. Gorgeous fruit. Yeasty and balanced and rich. Enjoyed it.
Ok. I got on the bandwagon. Everyone was talking about it. This hot book with all this raw, kinky sex and s&m. I'm in. I will read this 3 book series and see if I can learn a few things and get hot and bothered.
So at the airport I bought the first book. I started reading it while sitting at my gate waiting or my plane in mke. I was on page 12 and glanced up as I felt eyes on me. And yes. Some weird ass guy is staring me down and looking at my book. Obviously he has heard about the book or maybe this weirdo read it. I prayed that I didn't have to sit next to this weird fool on the plane! But it wasnt just him. I kept getting looks from all sorts. An older woman wearing a "Jesus is the reason for the season"pin just shook her head at me. A business man winked at me. A frumpy housewife came up and wanted to have a conversation wiTh me about Christian and his sexy style.
Anyway. Book one was ok. It set the story up, had a couple hot scenes and I decided to buy book 2. So off to Barnes and nobles...I bought book 3 right away too... Why not?!
Book 2 I find myself halfway through and skimming the same sex scene over and over. Do these two ever stop fighting? Over the stupidest shit too. Way too much drama for me! The sex scenes are ridiculous and lame. And why does she say down "there" while talking about her vagina. "down there". Wow. Seriously.
Book 2 I also come across the term "kinky fuckery" and laugh out loud. Really. He has this hot room of fun"red room of pain" and it never gets used. And now the plots thickens.....NO. I don't want it to thicken. I don't want a plot. What happened to hot book of sex. This book 2 turns into a love story. A dramatic, lame love story. I am irritated and don't want to read on.
I took a couple days off.
Now. There is nothing wrong with a plotted love story. It's great. What woman,including myself, doesn't want a smokin hot, filthy rich, generous, sexual man in their life who satisfys all of your needs physically and emotionally. Duh....but I thought this story was about kinky s&m, not a love story.
I go back and start book 3. Oh by the way. Charlie tango silly plot at the end of book 2....really.
Book three turns out being worse for the "what I thought it was supposed to be" plot. They got married. Traveled around the world for their honeymoon, she gets knocked up, they have the same sex scene over and over. She runs a company he bought her, there is someone trying to kill them. They fight. Bla blah blah. Of course her best friend marries his brother. Of course they have kids and everyone lives happily ever after.

I liked at the end how they showed his perspective of their first encounter. That was an idea that worked well.

So. All In all the book was fine if you are looking for a love story.
If you were trying to get heated up....there was some hot scenes
If you were looking for a raw and explicit book. . Look elsewhere.
Maybe I am a bad judge.
I am sure some people think it was hot and naughty aNd I am sure a lot of men got laid more then usual because of this book and cheers to you if that is true. I hope it kick started some fire for a lot of people. But. It didn't do anything for me. It was $50 I should've spent on a couple of steaks or some sushi. I'm sure a movie is in the works and most movies are worse then the books so watch out.
By the way. This book also bothers me because it is giving women hope that they can change every man that's screwed up and they will live happily ever after. That is a fantasy. People change themselves when they want to.

Like I said. I didn't hate he book. It was a nice love story. Read it and let me know what you think. I'm curious.
if dreams were thunder and lightning was desire
this old house would have been down long ago
the time that ive taken
i pray its not wasted
have i already tasted
my piece of one sweet love

sleepless nights you creep inside of me
paint your shadows on the breath that we shared
you take more than just my sanity
you take my reason not to care

the things that i dream i can do
id open up the moon for you, just come down soon

ready and waiting for the heart worth of breaking

This wine wasn't my usual new zealand style sauvignon blanc....but it also wasnt my other usual California delicious, full bodied mouthfeel from hotter weather that makes it riper kind of sauv blanc either.  It was a bit lean, almost like a sancerre in style.  It didn't have a lot of fruit which almost sounds weird for a sb.  It had an odd finish...almost like it was tired so it went to bed 3 hours early....it was harsh, sour and then just left your mouth....see ya

I didn't like it.  I finished the glass and didn't have another.  That is how you know I didn't like it.

Tiffany blue, tinge of sweetness, beautiful shaped bottle, ....all we need now are shiny happy people!

Riesling, and monterey riesling at that!

I do not drink Riesling often at all....spicy food companion most times.  
This is a riesling I could see myself hanging out with on a friday night with a bunch of girlfriends..Not too sweet - not cloying or pleading with me to drink a gallon of water after I swallow the nectar.

It has acidity with just a twinge of sweetness.  It has power and finesse.  Its delicious and time to drink this ladies!

I enjoyed a glass of Ice Wine the other night - It got me thinking of the awesome trip I took to Canada to this very vineyard....I had some of their great still wine as well.  The winery itself was gorgeous and they had food and an amphitheater for outdoor concerts.  Ice wine is some pretty amazing stuff!  The amount of time and care that goes into such a tiny little bottle is disturbingly awesome....The taste is Rich with apricots and the ripest peaches you have ever had (maybe Kramers Mackinaw peaches?)  It tastes like liquid gold - coats your entire mouth- and then lingers forever like a lover that you hope never leaves your bed.  AHH - quality ice wine at its best - They are owned by Inniskillin - the King of Ice Wine.  T

Greek wine - not something I have had a lot of.  
Off to a great Greek restaurant we went - Why not?  Lets try it.  
Thoughts of retsina and undrinkable wine flicker through my head but I still trudge on - It can't all be hard to drink right?
And it wasn't...with that delicious Greek soup we enjoyed the first taste.  It was minerally and refreshing.  It was a tad flat but all and all - ok.  Through the salad course I got braver and started sipping more often with the tangy Greek dressing.
Then when my Chilean Sea bass came out with a pesto cream - I was into it and the wine held up well. It did have quite an acid structure that cut through the cream.  
All in all I enjoyed it.  
I would drink it again
Lioco.  Hello Darling.
I love rose'.
Lioco is not new to my life.  I drank the chardonnay with my dear friend Kila at Chez Panisse.  Now this with my lovely friend Emily.  They happen to be my 2 favorite "foodie" friends.  The rose was delicious and crisp and refreshing on a Saturday afternoon.  Rhubarb and strawberries - like a fruit crisp.  The mid palate is really full which was surprising and awesome!

I wish I could have had 3 glasses but had to catch a plane- I am going to try and find this wine here and BUY BUY BUY.  LoVe it.  Drink pink people!