Well - We went, we saw, we ate, we danced.....


Last night was My first trip to wi state fair (except I truly believe I may have been there for an Allman Brothers Concert many years ago but was self medicated and clearly cant remember)

I was seriously excited for three things to happen
1. I wanted to see MC HAMMER, TONE LOC and Young MC
2. I wanted to eat my first Creme Puff
3. I wanted to do some serious people watching

My girl Jill and I were successful on all 3

We got there - perfect night - little breeze, 80 degrees and I didnt crowds were too crazy.
Right off the bat we see a woman wearing rooster pants.  YES!  This is going to be amazing
We decided since we were at the fair - we better check out some farm animals....I grew up in farm country so I was aware of the pleasures a rabbit or spring chicken can give people so.....first chickens, then bunnies (big Bunnies and tiny bunnies)
We went and checked out some cows, ran into a clydesdale horse show, seen some sheep with masks on (burglars??) and then actually watched a mini pig race.  Yes a pig race.  Pork Chop and Ham bone were our 2 hosts for this and it was quite an event - they had a rubber chicken throwing contest as well.  THen it was to the GUnny sack gigantic slide (also a cherry popper for me) And we took a ride in the Jetsons style car over the whole state fair grounds.   This all actually brought back funny memories from when my parents took us to the Waupaca County Fair every year.  Animals, kid events, flowers and photography, rides and then DOWN TO BUSINESS.  THE FOOD
we decided to walk around and check things out before we purchaSED.  It took everything to get me to pass "the Pork Shoppe" as I wanted a grilled pork chop on a stick, but alas, we were looking for the naughty stuff.  We found first the WI state fair original Creme Puff.  I have never had one of these and Ive been told its a must. We decided to share (and if I would have known how delicious it was I would have definately gotten my own!) It was so good.  The whipped cream was real, light and airy and so flippn good, the puff itself was also light and had a crispy chewy texture.  It was about 530  - the opening day of the fair, and they already had sold over 3500 creme puffs.  They have a running count on a tv screen.  Wonder what that will be on Sunday night!
We then see the Creme de la Creme of the Deep fried world -  The MACHINE SHED shack.  WE got the Fair platter - Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger, chocolate covered bacon and deep fried butter.  Im not kidding.  Deep fried butter.  it was $8 and I wondered how many people were going to go to the hospital from heart attacks that night from their $8 purchase.  WOW.  I first had a bite of the bacon.  I didnt like it.  If the bacon was crispier I would have liked it more but it was kind of soft and pully.  Then I had the first bite of the kk Cheeseburger.  It was sweet, savory and meaty.  I didnt dislike it but....I wouldnt order it EVER.  I turn to see Jill biting into the first deep fried butter.  As she bit into it - it shot hot butter out the other end and sprayed the table. Ga ROSS.  We peared into the corner hole she bit off and sure as shit - melted butter inside.  At least a shot and a half.  She drank it like a shot. I almost passed out.  She said it was tasty as she popped the rest in her mouth.  Alright - I will try it.  The same thing happens withthe shot of hot butter splattering on the table and then i taste it.  it tastes like butter obviously but the person that lives in the back of my head scolding me, would not let me do the butter shot or eat the rest.  It would let me eat the cream puff with no problems though (hmmmm) so I hand it off to Jill which she happily eats.  She wasnt really into the KK burger.  Deep fried Oreos,Gyros, London Broil Sandwhich, Deep fried Frito Pie, You name it - they had it pleasantly breaded and dumped in boiling oil for you - healthy options too - deep fried broccoli, jalepenos, cauliflower, zucchini strips and Cheese.

Well - off to the show - Young MC came out first - he sang busta moove and we did.....
then Tone Loc appeared and revved up the crowd with Funky Cold medina and wild thing - His voice was scratchy and oddly soothing for me.
THen the main event - MC hammer - and damn was he good - Hammer dont hurt me!
He came out in his white suit, 5 woman and 5 man dancers and a bumpin sound system.  Pray, too legit to quit, a luther vandross song, have you seen her, and ended with cant touch this!  he sang some other fun songs and we didnt stop dancing - us white girls could dance! 

I forgot to tell you another "best" part - I smuggled in wine and we drank some great Zinfandel and made our night complete!

My girl Jill was the best! and had more laughs and fun then I have had in a long time!

Go to the state fair - its super fun and so much to do, see and eat!!

This is my favorite coffee cup
I have had it since I was 18 - I got it from an old friends mother after an accidental crash through a glass table and many stitches and hours later.........dont ask - and I was the sober one!
  Anyway - if this mug could talk - wowza - Its seen many mornings.....mornings of normalty and work.  Mornings of too much wine where the coffee gets poured in but never leaves the mug.....mornings of good conversation with a girlfriend that stops by.  mornings of quiet and mornings of loud.  Mornings of tears and some mornings that are really afternoons.  Mornings with a walk around the yard to look at flowers or the garden - then the next morning as it sits in the garden from the day before with a bug or two in the inside.    Sometimes it goes on a car ride with me and sits on the passenger side floor for a couple days.  Sometimes it comes out at night for tea.  Sometimes that mug has wine in it if Im being sneaky.
When I open the cupboard in the morning and its there, I pick it everytime.  Its heavy and feels good, and mysteriously enough, my coffee tastes better out of it. 
My grandpa has a favorite coffee mug.  He doesnt wash it which is completely gross but thats how he likes it. it sits on the table next to the jar of instant coffee and has a spoon poking out the center awaiting the time to drink some.(which is every half hour in their case)   When I was young - like 10ish - I bought him a coffee cup for christmas - it said - "Coffee gets you going" and had a pic of an older man sitting on the toilet.  Not kidding.  He used that cup for many years.  Then it broke one day or my aunt probably through it out because it was so gross.
  I have brought my favorite cup up to their house after church.  he grabbed the cup and held it and said it felt good and right.   When I was in the bathroom he then took my cup and hid it.  I came out and Gram was yelling at him.  I asked "whats the matter" - it wasnt unusual that she was yelling at him but it was a different kind of yell. She said "he stold your cup and hid it because he likes it so much - STEALER - and right after church".  I look at him and hes staring at me seeing what I would say - I, of course, shook my head and told him to go get it.  He brought it out, cupping it in 2 hands like it was a treasure.  I still shake my head as I think about it and laugh.  The next week I brought him a coffee cup similar to mine.  He liked it.  This was 2 months ago and every sunday I check to see if hes using it or not, and he hasnt yet.  Still sitting in his "hiding" place.  This from a man who goes out to breakfast lunch or dinner and steals the spoon if he likes it.  He wants it for his coffee cup.  (i am shaking my head again)

Its weird how we have a relationship with objects. Or maybe its just me.  But this mug has seen a lot in the last 15 years.  Its like the fly on the wall that we all talk about.  Its comforting in a crazy sort of way.  I hope its with me another 15 years - Its has a lot to look forward to

Praise of a new day

I got a birdie this weekend.  In golf. 
I ate a chicago dark chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone
I watched my grandpa eat 4 brownies and a piece of cheesecake - then sneak 3 cookies in his pants pocket when suposedly noone was watching.
I gossiped with a friend on a walk
I bought vegetables at the farmers market
I sat in the sun by the river and ate lunch
I got mesmerized by a fire and how it seems to take you somewhere else
I sweat like crazy in the hot and humid weather
I ate a cold watermelon on the beach
I paddleboarded
i drank wine.  :)
I listened to my grandma tell her sister how I was gonna have her a baby this year (WHAT?)
I biked, threw the football, sat by a fire, laughed with friends, even made one of them eat some sand - (sorry milla)

pOINT IS  - I spent a beautiful summer weekend in Wisco - we dont get these too much - perfect weekends - and I put all of my effort into making it one of the best stay - cations yet!'

a taste of heaven