I have had nothing to say lately - so many cool and amazing things and I dont want to share

i wish you bluebirds in the spring

to give your heart a song to sing

but then a kiss - but more than this

i wish  you love

and in july,  a lemonade - to cool you in some leafy glade

i wish you health and more then wealth

i wish you love

my breaking heart and i agree

that you and i could  never be

so with my best - my very best

i set you free

i wish you shelter from the storm

a cozy fire to keep you warm

but most of all - when snowflakes fall

i wish you love

my heart and I agree

that you and I could never be

so with my best

my very best

I set you free

but most of all - when snowflakes fall - I wish you love

A swanky fundraiser benefiting "news" in napa valley.
Paddling on Lake Michigan during a beautiful pink sunset - WOW.  It was like walking on water.  It was like that movie "what dreams may come" when she painted that colorful painting and then when she died, they ended up trying to find each other in that painting in THEIR version of heaven.  
   I felt like I was in this painting.  Gliding across the water as pink as cotton candy at the circus.  It was silently gorgeous.  
It was one of those life changing moments.  One of the moments that you look into the horizon and your life seems so unrealistic.  

It was one of those moments that I felt like I knew nothing about my wants or my needs or my life.  
I felt small.

And then I looked behind me.  And there was answers. I wasn't alone.  I was amongst friends.  

Corn on the cob swimming in real butter
grilling everything from meat to fruit. 
the hot sun, a tiny tan that my whiteness usually doesnt see
 golf, golf, golf
Watermelon so sweet and crisp and juicy that I could eat a whole one in an afternoon.
Beets fresh out of the garden
green beens plucked right off the plant and eaten within seconds
eating tomatos like apples
mt rainier cherries
An all vegetable meal and not remembering there is no meat

I love summer!
over 300 wines in 3 days
15 classes 
300 wine focused geeks
purple teeth everywhere and no one caring!
some reporters, tasters, CWE, CSS, CSW, MS, MW, CS, judges, restaurant owners, educators, professors - or maybe just a wine lover.  What an educational and proper event.  And most people were so friendly. 

 It is first class wine knowledge and worth every penny.  
I learned soo much and tasted some wines that I had not before (many actually)  
Some of my highlights - 
1. Kevin Hook with Schramsberg bubbly tasting
2. Learning about Greek wines - I lad in that area
3. blind tasting
4. Having dinner with a new found friend
5. the wine educators toolbelt seminar by Tracy - great ideas to use
6. listening to David Glancy speak - hes a great teacher and I enjoyed his seminars - he owns and runs San Francisco wine school.
7. listening to Gerald Asher speak about his billion years in the wine world
8.  NOT spilling a drop of wine on any outfit I wore - I dont believe it!

I always have thought of myself as a Spanish wine loving girl.  Tempranillo being my standby if I have to buy wine at a wine shop - great value always.  And I love the way it tastes, lingers and the fruit.

I chose this class because I love tempranillo from Spain but to also try some other ones from US.

There was 5 temps from Spain - and 5 from US.

We would taste in pair and then we would have to choose what one we thought was new world (US), and what one was old world (SPAIN) and why.

Well out of the 5 pairs I got every single one wrong.  HOW! It humbled me like the wine world usually does.  Puts me back in place.  HOW could I have gotten all of them wrong?  Especially when I LOVE Spanish temp.

Well - I always did it based on color and taste.  I also realized I drink better quality temp - not just joven (young) style.  

It was tricky and now it still reminds me of how much I love temp - I just love it from Spain and USA - I will find some of these treats and drink them at home!

1. Hovey Temp from CalaveraS county - CA
2. Montebuena - Rioja
3. Tierra Aranda - RIbera Del Douro
4. Bokish- lodi CA
5. St Amant  AMador COunty
6. LIberalia - tinta de Toro
7. Tinto Pesquera - Bodega Alejandro Fernandez - Ribera Del Douro
8. Abacela RSV temp - OREGON
9. Bodega Paso Robles VIVA YO - central coast
10 muga seleccion rioja
ones highlighted were my faves

An Italian Cafe setting -  busy, people laughing and chatty, servers buzzing around with food in their hands and the familiar smell of yeasty dough in the air.

We got a great table by the window at 9pm on a Wed night - they were slammed...
THe hostess gave us an IPAD with the wine list on.  I love these wine lists....You push a wine- it goes into the description of how it tastes and where it is from.  THEN it tells you what food on their menu it pairs best with.    
I was going to eat pasta - Scialatielli, Tomato, Basil and Eggplant - so I chose a nebbiolo from Piedmonte.
I also ordered a side of Carrots with lemon and some kind of herb - Strangest food combination I think I may have ever had.  It really left a bad taste in my mouth

The pasta came out and it was ok.  I was a little disappointed- the pasta was thick and homeade and was great - but the eggplant was non existent and not a lot of flavor in the dish in general.  I was bummed as a couple different people I had met at my conference raved about it. 

I ended up going to their sister restaurant the next night in Half Moon Bay.  Right on the ocean - I took a seat at the bar - Happy hour wine - Pinot Gris from Oregon.

I ordered braised local Artichokes (which was the worst wine pairing food in america), tuna poke....And grilled peach salad.  Everything was delicious, fresh and flavorful.  THe tuna tasted like it had been out of water for 5 seconds - it was meaty and gorgeous.   I met a lovely couple at the bar - and we chatted like we were old friends for hours.  They live close and walk down to the place for happy hour.  The gave me a lot of good advice.  I headed back up HIghway 1 that night and took DEVILS SLIDE one last time as that part of highway 1 will be shut down shortly and you will have to use the tunnel throught the mountain - I guess they were sick of cars sliding off the moutain and into 
Seasons 52 Fresh Grill - Jacksonville, FLOK - I wish and hope and pray that this chain takes off and goes everywhere - Its a great concept that they dont through in your face everywhere - but they should.  The food there was excellent, fresh and tasty - and most importantly - flavorful!

This is off the website - 

 The Seasons 52 menu is seasonally-inspired with the fresh appeal of the farmer’s market. It represents a unique blend of art and science, with creative offerings designed to excite and surprise the palate. We feature dining choices that are thoughtfully prepared and in appropriate portion sizes. 

We use natural cooking techniques such as wood-fire grilling, brick-oven cooking and caramelizing vegetables to let the natural flavors shine through. And we execute precision with seasoning, and oil with control and care to ensure just the right amount is used to bring out the great flavor profiles. An added benefit to this style is that our menu items are naturally lower in calories. 
In fact, we make a promise that nothing on our menu is over 475 calories.