potato pancakes were one of the main topics of conversation tonight.  My grandpa cant remember what he did at noon, my sisters name or if he drove to the store that day but he can tell you who makes the best potato pancakes in most of Wisconsin.  We had a very in-depth conversation about them tonight and I had not seem them this serious about something since my uncle was in the hospital.  The conversation starts with regular pancakes and my grandpa says to gram
Gram - wheres my pancake for supper
Gram says - go make your own pancake old man
Grampa slams his hand which is holding a spoon he has just stirred his instant coffee with, on the table and says in whiny childs voice "ahhh gram please"
Gram says "why dont you make me some potato pancakes
Now Im not sure where this has come from.  I dont know why or how she brought this up but my grandpa says -
"yes gram lets have some potato pancakes"
THey then tell me no one makes them anymore - a place in King, a place in Red Granite (which is a 20 minute conversation about the quarries there and everytime they go past she gets the chills that she once saw a bus full of school kids getting a tour and she was scared one was going to fall in and drown and that shes had nightmares about it since. That was over 15 years ago) (sigh) 
and also a place in marshfield. 
I never knew potato pancakes were such a sought after item and then my grandpa tells me i should open up a potato pancake restaurant and sell wine.  I am shaking my head as I write this.  Well grandpa I have a feeling that this may not be the best idea out there but he sure seems to think it will work.  Me flippin latkes in the air and slamming cabernet floats through my head and I chuckle out loud.  Where do they come up with this stuff.  It gets better -
They have a cat.  It is a stray outside cat that they both like and feed and it sleeps in the garage.  My grandpa wont feed it but constantly asks Gram is she fed it yet.  He asked her at that moment and she said - why dont you feed it?  He said it wasnt his duty as it was hers.  She gets angry and throws a cookie at him and said "its my job to feed you too"
Then he tells me he wants to get a dog but its such bullshit he has to get it a liscence. He refuses.  Gram asks him what the problem was - he has a liscence to drive?  He says nothing
SHe says " you needed a liscence to marry me - WHy did you do that if you hate to have a liscence so bad" 
I feel like Im watching a game of tennis as my head goes from left to right and back as they bicker back and forth.  Its a sight.
He is speechless about the marriage liscence thing and that makes Gram so happy as she knows she has won - She starts to laugh as coffee sprays out her mouth.  Grampa starts to laugh too.  I shake my head.  He says if he could go back he wouldve never got a liscence so he could be free.  She threw another cookie at him, it lands in his lap.  He fishes it out of his lap, starts to eat it with his right hand while pinching her boob with the left hand.  She smiles and drinks her coffee.  I think in my head "check please" and head for the door
Just another day with the grandparents

So - the last part of my wacky adventure - Left crater lake and started the very dark drive to Bend oregon.  Stayed at the Oxford Hotel - www.oxfordhotelbend.com 
Swanky - one of the best hotel rooms Ive been in!  Great decor, a big tub, french press coffee and great toiletries.  I ate at 10 below - had a cheese and pate plate, pork tacos, bacon mac and cheese and I had a champagne flight to go with it all.  Moet, vueve and perrier jouet (pj was my fav of the bubbly bunch)
I was exhausted after a long day - bed with a buzz! 
I hiked Tumalo falls the next morning, upper and lower falls as well.  I braved the crazy fallen trail and got to kind of walk behind Tumalo.  Was really amazing the power!  
Ate a snack at Level 2 - tuna poke, shrimp tacos and tomato mozz salad with maryhill red blend wine
Checked into Brasada Ranch www.brasada.com  
One of the most beautiful, serene and rugged luxury places Ive been to.  Equestrian center, spa, restaurants, Arnold Palmer golf course, athletic club and pools upon gorgeous pools.  The service, the food, my cabin (full cabin with jacuzzi, full gourmet kitchen, king size bed, fireplace, huge deck)  On the walk to dinner, I stared into the black sky that seemed so close I thought I could grab a star.  The Brasada Ranch believes in a "no light pollution" motto so It is a place in the middle of nowhere with no lights except the moon to guide  you.  Its majestic and for the first time I got to see the Milky way - the real milky way.  WOW.  Probably one of the best moments of my trip.  Relaxed, feeling safe and loved.  Dinner was pretty good - fresh.  Salmon, crab cakes, fresh corn soup.  I sat around a huge fire and stared off into nowhere afterwards.  
Next morning a massage in the morning and off to do some waterfall hikes in the Willamette National Forest.
I saw Shahalie falls and a couple others.  Then I rolled into Eugeune, checked into the Orchard House, and slammed some King Estate Pinot Gris.  It is almost Harvest in Eugene (week or so)   King estate winery is a 1200 acre estate that makes killer wine (all organic) has their own bees for honey, plum trees, raspberries, blackberries, their own bakery, make their own charcuterie, lavendar (own shampoos etc)  This place is amazing. They also have the #1 rated restaurant near Eugene.  Ate like a Queen - drank like a Princess.  Made a fire in the house and relaxed.
Next day gold and silver falls - not a lot of water.
Checked into Tu Tu Tun Lodge - www.tututun.com  Ranked one of the best places to stay in 2007 and 08.  Loved the history and quirkiness of the place.  Their attention to detail was remarkable.  Met some really interesting people, laughed, sat by the fire with some newfound friends and even gained a mother!  Long drive back the next day (8hrs) to San Fran.  Had dinner with a dear friend Kila and her new hot honey - Bocadillos in SF and then off to MIchael Minas Bourban Steak to say hello to my Italian Partner and Sommelier.  A great trip indeed.  Found some answers to some difficult questions that have been stewing inside my head, became confused even more on some others.  I ate, drank, hiked, rode, walked, laughed, loved, was wowed, and gained 7 lbs.  Life is good indeed and please go see the world.  Your never alone with the world around you - enjoy it while you can

ANd I think to myself


Should I?  I wish I would of.  WHy didnt I?  If only I would have.  I wish I wouldn't of.  Can I rewind?   

Regrets.  The person you are today.  The person you wanted to be or the person you have become.  I look back, as Im sure many of us do, and we say so confidently "I dont regret anything as It made me who I am today".  That holds true on most days.  Most
Maybe you regret eating that brownie, or making that phone call, getting married, or being dramatic, or telling a white lie or having that last glass or not going to school or punching this guy in the face or not cleaning up spilled milk, or saying sorry or giving in or just following your heart, not your mind.  Maybe its a relationship with a family member  you havent mended or a feud with a friend that you dont even remember why your fighting anymore.  Our minds make decisions that our hearts dont agree with.  OUr heart  seems to arm wrestle with our mind - sometimes winning.  Sometimes our heart is wrong.      And Im not just talking about love.  Im not some love sick chick crying about a heavy heart.  Life is way more than bubble gum kisses and not going to bed mad.  Im talking about the insides of life.  the steps you take before you even put the roast in the oven to cook.  The steps are what make the roast taste so amazing when finished. 
I met a woman tonight who was upset about life.  Not love, life.  I instantly liked her like a moth likes the light.  She talked about how her day was terrible  -  how it was like a domino effect - one thing after another turned to shit - car, work, a friend.  So as shes sitting there, trying pinot noir from Willamette Valley - she said - I wish I would have never left my bed.  This is far from a life changing regret but these little tiny regrets we have that we could of changed to make our everyday life change for the better - we really just want to be happy and comfortable - thats all she wanted.  By the time she left tonight - she was smiling, had red cheeks and fully happy (maybe intoxicated too).  She forgot about her silly regrets.  And tomorrow she probably will not even think twice about it. 
I dont regret a lot - but I do have some.  Mostly its self reflection regrets.  Maybe in love a little too. but more importantly - Sometimes I wish I could have tweaked my recipe but If I was any more blessed I would shit gold.  Yes- I just said that.

Sometimes it lasts but sometimes it hurts instead

So the second I leave SFO and all of my work friends - I get in a car and start driving north - I go through Sacramento, Corning, Red BLuff and then Redding.  I stop for dinner - Moonstone Bistro -
Cute little place - www.moonstonebistro.com .  I had a Fruit and cheese platter with goat cheese and fresh peaches.  For dinner I had a Filet Mignon  which was local and cooked well.  I had stopped and bought a bottle of champagne on my way up - Charles Heidsick French Champagne - it had the tightest bubbles - a delicious yeasty finish with a bright apple front.
Some people dont like to drink bubbles with red meat - but I lOVE it- really with anything I guess.

I stayed at Obrien Mountain Inn bed and breakfast in Shasta Lake.  www.obrienmountaininn.com
Great location - right off the highway but still in the woods.  A fountain right outside the room, A huge king bed, fireplace and jacuzzi tub.  Woke up in the morning to french press coffee outside my door at 7 and at 8am a great breakfast in bed - Fresh squeezed mango/orange juice, fresh fruit with a lemon/pepper sauce and then a frittata with fresh mozzarella, artichokes red peppers.  Also some local chicken sausage. WOW what a great way to start the day.  I made my trek to Macarthur burney falls state park about 1.5 hours away.  I got there and what a sight!  Burney Falls was amazing! HUGE veil and so powerful.  I also pulled off to one of the largest dams in the west.  Reminded  me of Hoover Dam.
Then off to do some spelunking! Lake Shasta Caverns - A walk down to the lake - a 25 minute boat ride, a 15 minute bus ride and there 12 of us were, on the top of a mountain about to go through the cave!  It was 90 ish degrees outside and about 60 inside.  It was very humid and spooky! Really a fun couple hours - then the 15 min bus ride down, and on the boat ride back I hear the motor go - rurururururrrr - dead.  Doesnt restart.  for 30 minutes.  At least.  It was hot - Really hot.  my stomach was starting to eat itself.  I didnt have lunch  - this is the preamble to which could be a very bad ending.  But my patience pulled through and an hour and a half later we were all rescued and I was on my way. 

I drove north through Weed (yes a town named Weed) followed hwy 97 up to Klamath Falls - I checked into the Running Y Ranch Resort www.runningy.com
What a beautiful spot - I had my own cabin #13 - a full 2 bedroom with kitchen, deck and fountain out front.  Really one of the best values of my entire trip.  I went down to Wyatts (a restaurant at the resort) where I had a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir with some crab cakes that were nicely done and a wild king salmon dish with pineapple and balsalmic ( a different combo for sure)  ambiance was just ok - service just ok and food just ok.  HOnestly, this resort is a golf resort with an Arnold Palmer course.  I looked around the room and was surrounded by men - lots of men.  In golf shoes.  For those of you that know me well, I love men in golf shoes.  (this is why I worked at the country club so long - ha ha)  THis story doesnt lead to anything exciting BUT all the single ladies - if you want to get a bunch of single women together and go golfing - go there. WOWZA.  Anyway - the food was lousy so I wouldnt go back just for that reason.  
The next day I went to Crater lake - read my previous post about this magical place.  

The first couple days of this trip were really amazing and a ton of driving.  Felt good to find some peace.  and Quiet.  tell you the rest tomorrow (and the best part)

- Yesterday, so far away -tomorrow so far to go

have you been here!  wow its a must
On a bluebird day, I traveled up from Klamath falls to see this monster.  Oregons Finest. Crater lake is the deepest lake in the US and the 7th deepest in the world.  It is a huge basin that used to be a volcano (mt mazma) but when it erupted, the lava stored underneath the volcano shot out and the volcano collapsed in its place, thus creating crater later.  It is about 1900 ft deep and is about 32 miles around (the rim drive)  There is a small piece of land jutting out of the water and this is another volcano that was formed (there is a couple more "sleeping" under the water as well.)  There is no inlet or outlet for the lake so water seeps out in the rocks and evaporates - I think they said 16 million gallons of water evaporates out a year and 18 million seeps out.  WOW  You can see down (clarity) about 140 feet.  So if you lose your sunglasses in the water you should watch them go to their death for 140 ft before making its way down the rest of the way.  There is very few chemicals in the water - that is why its so clear.  The water is rain and snow - that is it.
  I hiked down the 2.5 miles to touch the water and met some crazy kids who were cliff jumping into the water- I only put my feet in on a rock as a 2.5 miles hike straight up wet would of been terrible (Am i old officially?)
The water wasn't just blue, but Crayola should name a new shade of blue crayon "Crater lake blue".  It was majestic.  They do give boat tour around the lake (they shut down for the year the day before I had gotten there :( and these are the only boats that can drive in the lake besides rangers and research teams) * this is where you can see the old man in th  All around the rim drive is vista points you can pull off to see.  Also some waterfalls to enjoy.  I hiked a couple miles to Paikini Falls and to Vitae Falls.  I stopped at the Crater Lake Inn for lunch - had a great table and an average lunch but a great glass of Oregon Pinot Gris.  I hiked many miles, drove a ton and got great pictures that do not even come close to how amazing it was in person.  I watched the sunset driving the last stretch of the rim- the view was amazing and the sunset filled the entire sky like a red and orange blanket.  There was some natural wild fires in the distance that made it look pretty unreal as well.
  I did a lot in 10 hours but could of spent another full day there hiking.  It was a great time of year to go because no crowds, weather was 79 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky.  This is something I can now check off my list.  I have always wanted to go-it was better then I imagined.  Words cannot describe, pictures don't do it justice.  GO GO GO!
Greetings from Brasada Ranch, 25 miles east of Bend Oregon.  This place is over the top - but I will get to that later.....This post is long overdue.  I have been gone over a week but have been on the go and haven't had time (or made time)

I started my adventure with a work crew and flew into San Fran.  We drove down to Paso Robles  and went to a WIld Horse Winery right away to enjoy some wine, food and Flloyd (their llama mascot)  We ate outside with the sun setting in the background - a gorgeous red and orange that lasted well over an hour.  It was a family style BBQ and the food was all local and delicious. *a grilled chocolate cake with homemade whipped cream and raspberries!
THey had a cigar bar set up for us after and more wine.   These trips for work are always fun and we get completely spoiled (fed and "watered").  The hardest part of the trip is getting to the bus in time to leave in the morning and without having the spins.
The next day we left at 8am and was drinking wine by 830 and shooting guns by 9am in the vineyard!  It was a great bb gun shootout!.  we had 2 teams and shot targets, truly right in the vineyard at Paso Creek Winery.  They specialize in reds- merlot, cabernet and zinfandel.  Then off to a goat farm to milk some goats and make some cheese.  Goats are a special animal.  Funny, stinky and curious.  This is where wearing a sundress wasn't my ideal choice.  We milked Sprite, a white goat who had her titties pulled too many times (especially by men who don't understand a womans instructions)  I had never seen a tit pulled so badly! We were laughing crazy hard,  This farm had cows, horses, pigs, goats, dogs, more goats and a lot of poop.  We ate standing up on a long table in the barn.  Pulled pork sandies with pasta salad with a huge cream puff for dessert.  Somehow myself and the owner got into a cream puff eating contest - don't know how this happened but long story short - don't eat 2 cream puffs the size of your head.....hurts.  bad.  but funny.  really funny. Ive heard there is video funny.  I left there smelling like spoiled goat milk, crusty goat milk all over m\y dress, full of cream puff, sticky faced and in love with goat feta cheese (all of their cheese at Happy Acres was over the top - Happy goats make great cheese)
Back to the winery to watch some grapes come in- get destemmed and ready for fermentation to start.  Its not a glamorous job but so interesting to watch.  They were also doing a pump  over and we tasted juice just pressed - its sweet and delicious.  The winemake Clay, was busy but took out a little time to say hello - and with that we said goodbye and was on our way to Monterey.  Paso robles is hot - 96 there - Monterey is cool because by the oceanside - 60's.  We had dinner at Lallapalooza.  A trendy restaurant downtown - my favorite part being Robert Mondavi Reserve Fume Blanc and raw tuna mixed with wasabi and cilantro on a block of salt - (the salt just keeps it cold)  We had mussels, clams, tuna, shrimp, squid and octopus - then enjoyed some Karaoke at the Mucky Duck.
This particular morning was hard for some of my coworkers - ouch times one million.  we left early and went to Stonewall vineyard in Santa Lucia HIghlands.  We looked at different pinot noir clones - 114, 177, pommard and Jackson......all of these different clones in the same vineyard, all look completely different as far as how tight the clones are, color, when they are ready to pick, size of berries, etc.  really awesome to have the vineyard manager, Jason, with us (who had picked the entire night- they pick at  night because its cool and the grapes can start fermentation if hot, also to retain freshness and acidity, and its better for the workers as well) 
We went to estancia winery then and toured the facility, watched them analyze grapes to see how far along they were to picking status and drank....Then off to Burrito hill to eat lunch - which was an outside Mexican fiesta! Authentic mexican is the best!  We had tacos, crazy spicy salsa, quesadillas and wine! 
Back in Monterey, I went with a friend to Monterey Bay Aquarium.  What an amazing place!  The jellyfish exhibit was my favorite by far. 
Off to dinner at a Pebble Beach property - we sat outside, oceanside, with fire pits and watched the closure of the golf course and day with the traditional bagpiper.  This is a tradition pebble beach has been doing for years.  Its quite the spectacle and the sun sets and hearing the bagpipes for over an hour.  Great day.  We ate there at Roys - Sushi was amazing and we had lobster, tuna, salmon, eel, shrimp, kobe beef and many other rolls!  and my favorite all time wine - Mt veeder cabernet (which by no means "goes" with sushi but Mt veeder goes with anything if you ask me!
A great and educational trip for sure.

Some great wines i had on my trip from the central coast area
Wild HOrse Viognier
Wild horse blaufrancish
Wild horse unbridled pinot noir
paso creek merlot
Estancia Pinot grigio
Estancia Stonewall Pinot Noir

other wines we had from other regions-
Robert Mondavi Reserve Fume Blanc
Kim Crawford Sauvignon blanc
mt veeder cabernet
robert mondavi napa cabernet

I will post another on the next part of my trip!

Picture this - 8 am church service
Gram, Gramps and I waddle up to the alter
(Gram was already complaining that there was no common cup - she prefers to have everyones backwash and sip off the same big cup - I was thanking God for no common cup.  I prefer my own tiny cup and my own germs- which by the way when there IS common cup I am the ONLY person under 80 that goes up there and as I walk back to my pew, everyone stares at me and mentally I can here them thinking "man are you a good grandaughter" or "man I feel sorry for you and all those germs swimming around your belly" 
anyway -
we go through communion and as we start walking back, grandpa, who cant see enough to know when we are singing hymn 308, he is on page 214, happens to see a tiny thread that has come undone from my grams skirt.  He notices this in front of church with 12 people behind us.  He starts stomping on what he thinks is this thread while walking.  My gram is obviously walking too, not knowing he is doing this.  He stomps at least 5 times and now has the entire congregation looking at him, which he doesnt notice because he is too busy trying to stomp on this thread to break it off.......the only thing he succeeds in doing is making the thread longer..and getting the attention of the entire church.  Once I sit down I am chuckling to myself  and he looks at me like - what?

When we get back home for instant coffee and an aldi cookie, he runs into his room to change out of his church clothes, which gram has already told him not to do because they are going to go to a chicken bbq at another church.  He comes out 5 minutes later, sits down and says "Oh I am so old"
Gram says "well just think if you would have died then you wouldnt be so old" 
I dont know how that sentence makes sense but it seems to make sense to him because he doesnt respond.
He then says "gram your skirt had a thread and I was trying to get it off in church"
Gram who never knew she had an unraveling thread on her skirt says "how did you do that and when"
Gramps "I was stomping on it but it only made it longer"
Gram "were you trying to ruin my skirt"
gramps with hurt feelings that of course, turn to anger "NO I WAS TRYING TO HELP"
Gram - "you just were trying to get me naked mikey"

Great.  Just what I want to hear. Remember...... his name is steve and she calls him mikey to royally piss him off.
 I know this will make him crazy.  Which it does.
Gramps "OH mikey - you start that again woman! Cant I drink my coffee in peace?"  as he shakes his hand at her.
she throws a cookie at him like she is throwing a treat to a dog on the floor. 
He picks it up with a grimace but eats it.  happily.

She snorts at him and says "I am going to pull a thread in your pants and then you can be naked too to see how you like it"
Now remember, she was never naked but shes acting as if she were.  He then starts to look down at his pants for an unraveled thread that is not there.  He gets up and checks out the back of his pants - which Gram now notices are NOT his church clothes or shoes and says
Gram "Why did you change your clothes?"
Gramps stares down at his pants and shoes, trying to compute her comment.
Gramps says "why didnt you stop me from changing them when we got home"
Gram - I told you twice and if you cant remember too bad" I am not your secretary"
Gramps is now pouting like a 5 year old.  For some reason he has this thing with changing clothes.  He hates changing.  It will take him 3 minutes to change his pants and shoes but he prefers to take 15 minutes whining about it. 
Gramps "oh Gram cant i just wear this?
Gram - 'NO'
Gramps - WHY NOT?"
gram - "Heathen"
Great - now he is a heathen because he wont put on church pants.
Hes now beyond upset -
He takes his paper and goes into the other room and didnt change his pants
He said he was staying home and he wished he had a woman that would make him lunch and not have to go out to get it.

I shook my head
I love them.  I am thankful for them today and everyday.  I am also thankful for the single serving cup during communion

its a two way mirror and you cant blame me

Moscato is it!
HOney, apricot, ripe peaches, sun kissed citrus - its all there.   Moscato has been HOT HOT HOT for the last 5 months and everyone wants a piece (or slurp) of this wine.  What makes it different then riesling?  good question.  Its usually not as syrupy.  Its USUALLY not as sweet- I say usually because it depends on where it comes from.
SOme moscatos are bubbly - some just like regular still wine.  EIther way they are hot, and mostly inexpensive.
SO go try a bottle this weekend......or men, buy one for your lady that usually doesnt drink wine - she may like it!

Bella Sera
Twisted are just some ones I can think of off the top of my head

my sugar is raw
Wine - Ive realized what a big part of my life it consumes (or consumes me?)
I travel around it, work with it, drink it, talk about it, think about it, read about it, teach about it, spend my free time with it- my life is revolving around grape juice?
THis is positive and negative I guess......it could be much worse.
THis all comes into play as I see pictures of kids going back to school, friends in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s are going back to college for their masters or a bachelors. 
I didnt go to college. (i swear I barely graduated high school) - not because I wasnt smart or didnt get good grades- but because I never went.....and i was bored.  I ended up working my way up the chains in the restaurant business and working at the country club helped......then I got this job after many interviews and pleading (a 21 year old girl in a "good old boys" club - what were they thinking saying YES)  My boss took a chance on me - he still doesnt know why......i was hungry to work, I knew a lot of people in the business, and I really wasnt letting them say no-
When college talk came up with them during interviews I told them It just had not happened.....yet.
Now I may be the only one in our company to not at least have an associates degree and they dont even look at a resume without having a college education......
 Its been bothering me lately to the extreme because a friend in my business is in his mid 40s-worked for amazing companies and held very prestigious titles.....vice president etc etc.  He didnt go to college 20 plus years ago - he cant get a job right now.  Hes amazing and well respected - but no degree - no job.  Someone even told him it doesnt matter what he gets his degree in - could be waste management, business or kayaking - as long as he holds a degree from a college.  WOW.
Scares the shit out of me.  WIll this be me in a couple years?  If I decide to go My life will have to change drastically.  Nomore happy hours :(   No more vacations all the time.....no more sampling the products I need to sell.....Algebra, English and geography?  Can I do this? 
I need to go back to school......I mean GO to school.  Its time to buy a lunch box, #2 pencils, and a Justin bieber backpack................Does this mean I get to buy new "school shoes?"

WHo needs a degree when your schoolin life

So LAS vEGAS did its usual - had hot weather,fed me well, made me smile and took some of my money....An exciting weekend filled with long days of going places.  I didnt see any celebrities (too hot for all of their makeup I think) but 106 will do that to you.
I ate breakfast at my favorite place every morning - Bouchon at the Venetian.  One of Thomas Kellers casual French eateries...One bite of a croissant and I get taken back to Napa (where his first started)  the Perfect croissant (they even sell them at williams sonoma) crispy and layered on the outside and when you pull it- the insides are moist and chewy.  Delicious.  Coffee and one of these to start my day is always the best.
I ate at Julian Serrano for dinner - the 3 crse pre fix pre theather was my choice.  Had spicy, sweet and smoky piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese- great flavor.  Then a precisely cooked tenderloin with mashed and pepper mushroom sauce (kind of ordinary but good quality)  then a nut cake withturron ice cream. wine was hootland sauvignon blanc from new zealand
Milos 3 crse prix fix for lunch - started with an heirloom tomato salad with cave aged feta cheese and fresh herbs - this salad was one of the best things I ate all weekend.  The tomatos are what everyone waits for all year long - the richest, ripest juicy tomato blessed by the sun.
I had a full lavarki (a type of sea bass)  with lemon butter and capers (which he said where hand picked off the side of the island of Sardegna)  it was fresh and creamy but the capers gave is some zing!
then a walnut cake that was almost syrupy it was so buttery and nutty - wow - tasted like honey and sugared walnuts but richer
Jaleo for dinner (Jose Andres) I had scallops with romesco sauce (nutty and tomato) Canary Island salt boiled fingerling potatos with dipping sauces, (a red and green sauce I couldnt put my finger on) house madepork sausage with fresh mushrooms.  savory dish.....and the best part of my meal was the salad i ate - sliver thin slices of green apples and fennel with toasted walnuts and tiny chunks of manchego cheese.  It was delicious.  and light and airy and creamy and nutty and I tried to make it at home on tuesday night and didnt come close to the right dressing. 
I went to see elivis cirque de soleil - It was amazing.  if you like elvis at all or his songs - go see it.  The dancers and performers were amazing - the colors and costumes were a nonstop change.  My foot was moving at all times, i cried a tear at some of the songs and wanted to get up and dance to others.

I also went to see Chris Angel.  I was unaware who this person was ( i seriously thought it was a dance composer) my lack of watching tv....He is an illusionist/hard ass guy.  Some of the tricks he did were cool but all in all the show was not for me.  A lot of kids in the audience and he swore a lot and had a lot of sexual inuendos (which I can appreciate but not with kids around)  which i didnt think was appropriate.  all in all he was cool and the show was entertaining but Im used to the other styles of cirque which I prefer.

I sat by the pool, I read a book, I walked a ton, went to the new Cosmopolitan and was struck by how Vegas thinks of so much to impress, shopped and then came home.  Good to see Grass

palm sweat, black jack on a saturday night - Im leaving for good