Getting up at 3am to make the trek, the bone chilling cold at 10000 ft.  the sunrise starting an hour before and lasting 2 hours after it peeked over the horizon.  It was so colorful and amazing to be over the clouds, looming over the island.  It gave me the chills and not because I was cold.  It was breathtaking and inspirational.  It was dreamlike.  I und

Sun, waterfalls, bamboo forests, palm trees, hibiscus, orchids, tuberose, plumeria,  lush tropics, shave ice (passion fruit, guava and mango are my FAV three) fruit - like fruit that is so flavorful that you have to continue to eat like an addict it is soo good.  Pineapple - so sweet it tastes like you sprinkled it with sugar first.    

The Road to Hanna was twisty and windy and full of surprises.  Waterfalls everywhere. Plated lunches roadside.  Fresh fish nachos, tuna poke, coconuts with a straw bobbing out of it.  

Lahaina - the most well known city in Maui
I went to Feast at Le Le - overpriced Luau with ok food. cool dancing
watched the sunset- best place to in Maui
bought a lei
got amazing Kona Coffee
the best shave ice

Kihei - southwest city
Boss Frogs Snorkeling gear 
bobbing in the ocean for hours
reading on the beach
Breakfast at the Four Seasons
Cuatro - great lil restuarant

O'O farms - organic farms where I had the most delicious garden tour and then lunch outside in the sun with a bottle of Ferrari carano fume blanc.
Mauis Only winery - Pineapple wine, Chardonnay, pineapple sparkling and regular sparkling
Hali imaile General Store- nicoise salad for lunch was one of the best things I ate the whole trip.
Haleakala National Park - I watched the sunset and the sunrise.  One of the best things about this trip!
Its like you are walking over the city.
Ziplining in the canopy
Paiai - cute little hippy city
Mamas Fish House - I stayed over one night at their inn and had dinner - delicious tuna

Van De Walles Caramel Apples - with peanuts of course.
Every year I want them to come so bad and I also dread this time of year.  I can't stop. I love them.  I even try to make it home the 3 miles before I eat it but when I get home, I have caramel stuck to my face and peanuts in my lap - I can't wait the 3 miles.  
Its almost an obsession.  They are the best ones I have ever had and I have had one every day for the last 3 days.  And I want one right now, for breakfast.  

The best 3 dollars you can spend and I can only hope that they run out before I gain the average 5 pounds in October from them.

Van de Walles - thanks for an extra piece of ass

This is their slogan

I really do not get what that means.

It IS gorgeous here.  Wineries, the Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, The Blue Ridge Parkway, SHopping and just beauty at every sight.  When you combine mountains and valleys and history and wine - a perfect blendhas been created!

GO there...Asap.  Especially at the end of October when the leaves have changed color.

I was at one of the Vanderbilt Mansions in Newport Rhode Island a couple of years back.  It was a bit more glitzy and luxurious (is that possible) then this mansion....but just the same, I have my bags packed if they want me to move in.

This "compound" is HUGE! and has everything -  you never had to leave. Billiards room, indoor pool, workout rooms, kitchens, organ room, banquet halls, music room, salon, game room, sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathroom upon bathrooms and tons of guest rooms which their names were properly placed on the door on a plaque so they knew their room assignment.  Oh yes of course...they also had a bowling alley!

On the outside of the home, their was acres upon acre for hunting, hiking, horse riding, swimming and fishing.  Also hundreds of acres of gardens and then, a huge greenhouse bigger then my home now.  

Then of course they had the servants quarters.  

For the boys there was a bachelors wing - equipped with a gun, smoking and billiards room....It was pretty majestic.  And I only got to see an eighth of the house.  

THey have now turned this beautiful place into a tourist attraction - with 3 restaurants and shops galore.  I ate at the Bistro and it was lovely.

THey also have a winery and acres planted to vines.  The wines were average and they had many things to choose from.  My favorite being a sparking they had - blanc de Noir.  ANd a cabernet from Napa.  Yes I said Napa.  Most of their wine is brought in from California, with some being from North Carolina.

I was their for about 8 hours and didnt see everything so plan to spend the day there.  I enjoyed it and despite the rain....a great day.

Go check it out 

One of my favorites in DC and I was there for Restaurant week!

Jose Andres! Delicious 

Course One 
Hommus - Delicious - creamy- amazing

Course Two
Piyaz - Imported warm giant white beans with kale, oven roasted tomatoes and garlic

Course Three
Hunkar Begendi - Turkish braised lamb shank with eggplant puree

COurse Four
Peynirli pide - Flatbread with Turkish tomatoe sauce, cinnamon and oregano and hamoumi cheese

Course Five
walnut ice cream, yogourt mousse, honey gelee and orange caramel sauce

A new flavor explosion
This Road rides up around 3000 ft above the main highways to the north and south.  You essentially drive the "rim" all the way down, snaking around at 45 mph and enjoying the views.  And the views are stunning.  There is hiking trails, overlooks, waterfalls and dozens of other things that have you suddenly pulling over to the side of the road for.  I felt like my "relax" switch was turned on their and everything seemed to slow down and go in slow motion. 
This road starts right out of Waynesboro, VA - The Skyline Drive is to the north of that and is really just another piece of the same highway (blue ridge) but I believe from the locals - they cut that area off coming out of DC to charge people a toll but I am not sure on that one.
Anyway - You follow that from waynesboro all the way down to the Great Smokey Mountains just past Asheville North Carolina.  
  I thought the leaves would have been a little more colored but the views were still gorgeous without it.  From the pic above you can see why they called it BLUE RIDGE.  I would love to see it in end of October when the landscape becomes a colorful dream.  I saw pictures of it and just cant imagine the beauty.
  Linville Falls, Humpback Mountains, Ravens Roost, Crab tree Falls are just some of the things that I did on the parkway.  Go there - Do it!  So many wonderful B&Bs around the parkway to choose from as well.
  My favorite Stops were in Staunton at Zynodoa restaurant for dinner - Delicious food and cute downtown.  AN Overnight stay at Iris Hill B & B in Waynesboro, VA. 

  Boone and Blowing Rock North Carolina - Bistro Roca in BLowing Rock was one of my best meals on the trip and the wine list is very impressive! The food was creative rustic, and the place was very masculine (which I love) the chairs were awesome. 

My Favorite spot of all was Veritas winery and their Inn in Afton, VA. - my next blog will be all about Virginia wine country and this amazing spot will be featured 

I have been gone so much I completely almost forgot about the photo shoot and article that was coming out on Buttercup - my volvo!

I was sitting in Virginia, on the porch of this lovely inn at Veritas Winery, when it dawned on me it must be out!   I checked online and it said it had been released so the very next day (Friday) I stopped at a Barnes and Noble on my way to DC.  Honestly I was pretty excited about the article....
   So there I am, rifling through the magazine rack with all of the other car magazines and then there it was! YES! I opened it and thumbed through it and that's when it caught my eye....AWESOME!  
  Right there I read the article and smiled like a 12 year old in love.  Todd and Brian did a top notch, first class article and photos.  Buttercup was quite photogenic.....I feel I may look a little older then usual but that's ok.  I wanted to walk around Barnes and Noble and show all the people sitting around my article (i of course did not) I just smiled and went and bought the magazine (which you can too at any "big book" store or by visiting )

I will admit, I had a horseshoe shoved up my ass when this car came along - She is a classy piece.  

I thought about selling it BUT - I just do not know now!  

Thank you MOTORTREND CLASSIC - You are first class!

PS - I think my dad will be proud!

That is me

I've been living. 

I have the most loving and funny grandparents.
My close friends are supportive and amazing.
My job is consistent and rewarding.
I travel the world and live.

While I have been busy living life, the "play" button pushed and music flowing,
I also have had the "pause" button pushed.  Waiting. 
  Why am I waiting?  I am done waiting for nothing.

I vow to push "record" from this second on.

And I turned up the volume a little too.

I went snorkeling for the first time ever!  it was hard to get used to breathing through my mouth and I kept swallowing salt water BUT underwater is like a whole new world.  Everything is so clear, colorful and alive.  I thought about the disney movie 
"the little mermaid" a lot of the time.  Everything is just amazing underwater.  the coral. the fish!   I loved it.  This was our friend the sea turtle.  I will call him frank.  He looks like a frank.  He was just hanging in the water - AND HUGE! they are plant eaters so they wouldn't try to hurt - even though if they were pissed they could crack open your skull with their mighty mouth but we kept distance.  My cousin rented an underwater camera and took these amazing photos! WOW! I love Hawaii