Have you been to a winery in Arizona yet?  Its a must see.  I spent the weekend in Sedona, AZ which I have now just dubbed "americas most beautiful city".
Besides the scenery, hiking, relaxation energy, great stores and restaurants - you can drive 20 minutes away and be surrounded by grape vines and wineries.  I stopped at Page Springs winery through some recommendations on the internet.  They were just featured in "Blood into wine" movie.  Their tasting room is small and high energy.  You can also sit outside on the deck overlooking the vineyards or mosey outside and take a short walk down to the rivers edge...They have seating there under these big beautiful old growth trees. 
I was there at a perfect time.  A bluebird day, 64 degrees, and all of the leaves on the vines were autumn shades of gold, red and amber.  Truly a sight.
I started with the Arizona flight -most were grown in Arizona an some were estate wines (that means they didnt buy the grapes but actually grew them on the property)
They had a sweeter style white blend (chenin, gewurztraminer, malvasia and chardonnay.  It was light and easy to drink...bright
 Then onto a wine called Mules Mistake (their take on beaujolais noveau)  a mix of reds - Barbera, cabernet pfeffer, pinot noir and grenache with a dash of viognier (white wine)
I think it was my favorite wine of the day.  I like the flavors (berries and toasty cinnamon) and how it felt in my mouth.  It was really light and velvety all at once.
Then one of their flagship wines - an estate grown grenache
A shiraz that was tight and nonlingering
Then lastly a petite sirah, syrah, mourvedre blend - I also liked that but if would have been much better with food.

I did try some other varietals - their viognier, rose and a couple other reds.  It was interesting.  They were quite busy so there wasnt a lot of time to talk in depth but it was a Saturday.  After a quick walk around the property it turned out to be a lovely day.  I only wish everyday was like a walk in the vineyards  :)

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