You can feel the crispness in the air, the one that makes you grab a sweatshirt anticipating the cold  when the sun goes down.  You can smell that earthy, crushed up leaves smell.  You can see the trees slowly change their clothes to brighter colors, like they are attending a racey party event and then you see them lose their clothes all together like it had been a very good night out.  You can taste the squash, pumpkins, brussel sprouts, sweet potatos, beets and other late vegetables.  You can hear the birds crying out above as they begin their trek south to warmer weather. 
Its here people.  Autumn. 
The days are shorter, why does the night have to begin so early?  I used to love to be out at 9pm still working on my garden and just starting to think about what to make for dinner or trying to sneak one more game of bocce ball in before it got dark.  Summer - where do you go?
  I was walking through a store in June and they already had christmas trees up and chocked too full of this years themed sparkly items.  The fake pine scented candles were already on sale like christmas was next week.....Well, a quick blink of my eyes and it is almost next week. 
  Wisconsin is known for these beautiful days in September and October, where during the day it could be 85 and at night a shivering 32.  Its a time of year where you start nesting like a woman about to have a baby-making sure your yard is ready for winter, putting away all the fun lawn games, patio furniture, putting on your storm windows, and for us women the sad day where we put away our sandals and cute summer dresses (I guess a sad day for all of the men too) 
Our body can feel this change too and we start to crave warm soups and moms home cooked meals.  And for me caramel apples....anytime I am in a 3 mile radius of VandeWalls my car seems to get a mind of its own and I find myself sitting in the parking lot arguing with myself of all the reasons why I should not go in there and buy just ONE deliciously sweet and salty caramel apple.  My heart and stomach always seem to win this fight and within seconds of sitting in my car, I rip open the package (beware of that one lone staple that can do damage to an addicted hand waiting for its fix)  I look at it and always wonder the same thing - how do I get the first bite started?  There is no easy way.  I always end up with caramel all over my face and when I finally get out of the car peanuts fall to the ground like a small avalanche....
And lastly there is the "last ofs".......the farmers market, golfing but losing 12 balls because the leaves hide them under their blanket of beauty, the summer hamburger on the grill, driving with the top down, the perfect tasting tomato, California fruit, windows open to air out the house.....these will all come to an end soon.
Oh Fall.....beautiful and short lived......please stay and dont let winter bite at your heels!

I see  your lips and summer kisses - but I miss you most of all when autumn leaves start to fall

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