Ive been hearing about Bayfield WI for years and have wanted to make the 5 hour drive.  Finally filled the coolers and packed a bag - made the drive up - Lake superior hello!Checked into one of the oldest B&Bs in WI...Rittenhouse.  Then off to dinner at good thyme - really a feel good restaurant.  Had a great pork tenderloin cooked RIGHT - medium - with this great sweet potato souffle.  Had an attractive fireplace and dark wood tones.  Relaxing place - and i had a great cab - with it....
  I rode the ferry to Madeline Island in the morning and biked the entire island - its 14 miles by 3 m iles.  Beautiful day of biking, hiking and drinking wine.  The island had some fun bars, good restaurants and the lacks-a-daisy mood that I was looking for.
Checked into Pinehurst Inn - really liked it there - great linens and huge bath tub..That night was the opening of Wild Rice.  You would have never guessed that this restaurant was in Northwoods WISCO.  It was eclectic, full of art, gorgeous really.  I want to go back to taste food off of the actual menu.  Im usually not a prix fix menu kind of girl, but I liked the local, wisco theme and I wasnt going to go home without going there and that was my only chance.  The wine list was nice - I drank lincourt pinot noir.  Tasty.  The service was average.  Food quality was amazing.  We are blessed in wisco with some great local producers.  A TASTE OF WISCONSIN - the opening night of Wild Rice

Amuse Bouche - Wollershiem WInery prairie fume

Roasted whitefish and Lake trout with nueskes bacon, asparagus and wild leek pesto

Seared MacFarlane Pheasant breast with morel broth, pheasant confit and greens

Bison ribeye with pleasant ridge cheese potato gratin and fiddlehead ferns

Cranberry mousse with maple cookies

This was the menu that fine Saturday night -  
All in all I really cant wait to go back to this place.  The 5 hour drive is like an adventure in itself - you pass immensely huge statues of animals all the way up, see wildlife, crazy people, stores and just have some time for your shoulders to go back to were they belong...

On the ride home - went to Potato river falls - awesome and got creative and waded through the water to get a closer look.  Hail and rain didnt stop me from going to copper river falls and the 3 mile hike through in the pouring rain.  Great day.  

A stop at the Wheelhouse in Waupaca/King for the worlds best cheeseburger - seriously

there you go- a weekend to put in the books - all the ingredients for a brilliant weekend recipe .....wine, food, waterfalls, hiking, biking, relaxation, great linens, a hot bath, a book, a friend, water, high end, low end, fun, laughs and deodorant......and all in wisconsin.....

GO to bayfield - visit our amazing state of Wisco

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