A day passes, then a week.  Pretty soon you look back and its been a year or years.  Where does our time go?  We pillage through life trying to make memories and live the American dream.  We are supposed to find a mate and then procreate.  All of the other luggage comes with - a house, a car or two, a dog and cat, the once a year vacation from your job that you may not like or you may love and OMG i forgot - the Kitchen Aid Mixer!    THese are all things that we are supposed to do.  And these are not bad things - but amazing.......I dont know many people that look back and say - I wish I wouldnt have kids - (Ive definately heard people say their partner choice may not have been the smartest decision ha!) But this is life - I find not having any of the forementioned, that I am living the American Dream too.  Because its mine.  And thats what we can have here - our own dreams.  And then we can try and live them. 

I really like everyday- I love smelling fresh cut grass with my car window open.  I love that there is a lilac tree right under my window and sometimes I wake up in the morning to that smell.  I love that I can walk outside on a rush to work and stop and eat cherry tomatoes off my plant for 4 seconds and it changes my mood from being rushed to - wow - that little red fruit tastes sweet and juicy and like summer and I grew that.  I like that smell of stargazer lillies and how one of them in bloom can seduce a whole room for days.  Or how a glass of sauvignon blanc on the hottest summer day satisfies and seems to cool off my insides.  I love that in summer every sunset is spectacular and reminds you that tomorrow is going to another day full of surprises. 

Life is amazing- and lately Ive been trying not too look back in the rearview mirror - but it has some of the sweetest memories back there that its hard not to.

keep me young as I grow old

best moment of my day - getting my toes done with my girl christina and having an antipasto platter of love with a bottle of wine with her on her last week living in appleton

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