So the beauty of the pig -
I am a lover - If I had a choice of one animal to eat the rest of the my life - mr. Pig is my choice.  
Maybe its that brick size piece of ham at Christmas or the bacon in the morning while suffering from a mild hangover.  Maybe its the bacon grease that I saute brussel sprouts in or a classic pork roast with potatoes, carrots-  just like the one my mother threw in the oven in the morning and she wouldnt even open the pot once the whole day while it was cooking - unlike me to have to at  least check it once after a couple hourse but no, not her - she did the right thing (Set it and forget it!).  Her roast was always fall apart and delicious.  Always.  Ham bone boiled soup for the best stock ever.
Maybe you like pork ribs basted on the grill or pork spare ribs roasted in the oven with sauerkraut.  A roast pork loin grilled, oven ready, or sauteed.  Braised pig cheeks or pate so intense, dense and flavorful that its hard to swallow.  The new hot trend is pork belly.....I have a great memory at King Estate winery in Oregon.  We ate all day (and drank too - they specialize in Pinot noir - the perfect pig pairing in most cases) and I didnt think I could eat one more bite at 8pm and then still continued to eat till 10.  We got back to the house on property we were staying at - at lunch we had a cookout and there was remenants of that day around the kitchen but when I walked in I had smelled something - and boy did it smell awesome.  I opened the stove and there it was- a flat pan with tin foil over - I pulled it out and layed it on the island and carefully opened - laying there looking like a steaming block of gooey amazingness was - a full pork belly that had been simmering in the oven for 16 hours.  I was drunk with lust for this thing and had to try it NOW.  I was screaming for people to come in and the only thing I found was tortilla chips - opened them and dug in.  Imagine myself and 6 guys standing around this island, hovering over this long, flat pan, shoveling pork belly into our mouths with tortilla chips not even remembering that we had just eaten a 12 course meal just minutes prior.  It was mind blowing pig and the layer of fat in the belly had started to melt into the meat so it was the most flavorful pork belly I have ever had - they had put cardamom and dash of cinnamon inthe rub as well.  You could get a tad bit of essence on that end palate.
how about that also trendy pulled pork sandwhich or that also ground pork that you can use in tacos or make into pork sausage (YUM)
OK - Head cheese - Do you actually know what it is? not cheese people- Im from wisconsin so the magic word is cheese here and I will tell you - nothing to do with cheese.  I like head cheese - preferably pig.  its primarily everything on the pig head - head meat, tongue etc and also pig legs  (usually NOT eyes, ears or brain)   and they grind it up and usually put in a jelly type (aspic) and serve it cold like a cold cut.  This is made in Europe a lot and it started because they hate wasting and try to use everything they can on an animal. 
Maybe a classic grilled pork chop or kilbasa (my grandparents call it horse cock - im not kidding - so do my parents)
My last pork treat I can think of now is a restauarant that took pig skin and i think, fried it and then crumbled it and made tiny pig crackles that they put on top of a piece of duck - its was like an adult pop rock for me wow.

SO lastly when a friend sent me this video yesterday I couldnt resist.  I may try to make this on Thanksgiving this year -

My pig liked to eat figs

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