I read this book on New years day - It was religious in some ways but even if you are not religious - I believe its a good true story of a mans life and his crossing over into heaven.  and then back onto the earth.  It made me truly happy that his recollection of heaven was so "full of joy and happiness and everyone was smiling and laughing and singing" that it was comforting to know that not only were my grandparents there but I too will be able to go there when its my time.  
   We all hope for greatness now and in the afterlife - whatever you may believe that may be.  
This man believes he came back because a stranger came over and layed next to him in his demolished car, held his hand, and prayed for him.  He was already pronounced dead.  for over 20 minutes at this time.  What a story and he has many people that back the story up.  Can you imagine?  
  And all because of this stranger.  
 The story is not all peaches and cream.  When this man came back from heaven to here his body was thrashed.  It took him years of surgeries and being in the hospital, crippling pain and depression.  He asked God daily why he let him come back to endure this type of hellish life.  
He speaks about this hour in heaven now - all over the world.  People come to him and he gives them strength and hope.  He also wrote this book which is a quick read and it makes you really think of life.  Maybe its a hoax.  But I want to believe I will feel so happy and joyous when i leave this beautiful world

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