So - Breck the 2nd time was so much more fun then the first.  I didn't get a concussion and I didn't fall a thousand times.  I stayed up! And I ended up doing about 13000 feet on Saturday.  I stayed in a condo on the bottom of Peak 9 and could ski in and out - AWESOME>  Also could walk to downtown and eat so easily!  
Park and Main was my favorite restaurant by far!  Just opened up this year and they are serving some tasty food.  The ambiance could be seen as cool in the industrial sense or maybe a bit desolate.  Wines served in a beaker (and a great wine list - a 04 reserva rioja for $7!!!)  and some flavorful food (fava bean bruschetta with aged balsamic, bahn mi, beautiful salads, bacon and jalapeno deviled eggs)  They also serve brunch!

Another great restaurant was Modis - I had been there before and enjoyed it.  I had Homeade Ramen with Ritual Pinot Noir from Chile (one of my faves!) 

Empire Burger had tasty burgers for a quick lunch.  The crepe shop downtown is a must too!  The line snakes around the block like the ladies room at the Packer game BUT - a better end result here!  There is sweet or savory crepes with the fillings.  Strawberry cheesecake or the Parisian (brie, ham and mustard) or pumpkin maple or etc etc etc.   There is a crepe hippy master slinging these crepes to order and he does it right! 

The drive back to Denver was beautiful and a stop at Red Rocks was well worth it.  What a cool concert area!  I can't wait to see someone live there.  And it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere but you are 2 miles from the highway! 

PS - if you ever go to Denver in search of an amazing restaurant open on Superbowl sunday - OMG - will not happen!  Thank God for CRU in lodo.....

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