Im a bubble girl - I could drink champagne or sparkling everyday, all day.  I love the taste and I adore the bubbles.  I drink sparkling water during the day just because it reminds me of drinking champagne. (not really but kinda)
I have NOT been to champagne yet in France but hope to check it off my list this year.
I did a "bubble Tour" of California- hitting korbel, schramsberg, roederer, scharffenburger, J, Mumm, Domaine Carneros.....what a sparkly trip that was!
My favorites are Schramsberg and Roederer from California
my Favorite in France is Pol Roger and about every other damn champagne house.  I wont dump any of it. I promise.
The taste is uncomparable to anything - and remember people- this is mostly chardonnay and pinot noir - just goes through another style of fermentation in the bottle and BAM - bubbles of deliciousness. 
thank you yeast and sugar for producing my favorite beverage - which by the way - is good with anything.....breakfast-eggs, bacon and pancakes.......lunch on the beach with green apples, cheese and afternoon snack.....maybe a make out session?....Some of my favorite that it goes amazing with lobster rolls in Maine, a celebratory dinner with your best friend on a snow covered mountain in Washington, a romantic dinner in a cabin, after a long day of work, in a bathtub with a book, getting your toes done with your girl gossipping, overlooking the ocean on Highway 1, or at Pebble Beach Food and wine i tasted 8 different Tete de cuveed from 1990 (OMG)  or opening a bottle of shitty cava in front of 2 Master Sommeliers to go through your certified sommelier test or the taste of the glass they give you as you open up your letter to see that you passed!! I have no recollection of what they served us that day .....I was in FEAR mode and what I can remember is the bubbles were super tight (usually means great quality the tighter the bubbles) and it was like an energy pill being put to my was comforting at a time of pure anxiety and terror!
I do know some of my favorite memories in life I always seem to have a glass of champagne or sparkling in my hand.....its like an old friend hanging on.  I also know that I have some memories worth forgetting when that glass seemed to really be like my old friend and the bubbles sparkled in my mouth to say "Hey Amber you will feel better later- just stay focused on the positive"

SO this New Years Eve - Drink Bubbles - then try drinking it on a normal Tuesday night with your chicken salad and then try it with sushi!  Its not just to celebrate but an every day drinker and it DOES go with everything!

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