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Tonight I made dinner......yes i burned myself.....hasnt happened in a long time.....i blame it on the wine.
it was honestly delicious.......and I drank some wine....and read magazines.   I have a problem with never reading my magazines, never finding time. They pile up like a bad episode of Hoarders - wine spectator, wine enthusiast, food and wine, travel and leisure, cooking light, robert parker, bon apetitie etc etc.....AHH.  But tonight was awesome.  I stopped at Neimuths for some fresh fish - copper river salmon.  It was so flippn delicious.  I poached it in picoul olive oil from chile from the OLIVE CELLAR,   a sprinkle of sea salt and a quick crack of pepper from "the naughty" pepper mill.  I sauted some red peppers, red onion and broccoli with garlic and topped it with stravecchio cheese.  There you go.  Dinner.  but alast.....wine? 08 Ritual pinot noir.  Yes the wine spectator rated and on the Top 100 list of last year.  And it was over the top perfect with that damn salmon. 
I couldnt stop eating it.  I ate almost a pound of it...and I dont feel bad.  And i may go back in the morning and buy the rest as it was THAT good.
But i do want to talk about Ritual Pinot noir - its from Chile and I will tell you it tastes like this rich and lingering and perfect pinot noir.  My fingers cant type fast enough at house amazing it is.  I know Mcknight and Carlson in Appleton sells it so go buy it please.

It is biodynamic and organically grown. that means 2 things 1. flavor  and 2. that they used no pesticides, they loved the land and cared about not only themselves but us.  Its true and really deserves the pat on the back that they never get.  Augustus Huneeus owns this vineyard in Chle (his hometown)  with his wife Valeria.  They make wine that I will say is some of  the best I have ever had......Quintessa, Faust, Veramonte and Ritual.  If I had a wine list and I could have anything I wanted because i wasnt paying - I would pick QUintessa.  You handed me a wine list and I had to pay - Veramonte.  Think about that.  This couple makes wine for 200 a bottle and for 20 a bottle.  this doesnt happen in real life very often. Napa valley and chile.   Cheers to them and someday I will work for them - (as you can tell I am on glass #3)   People that are very close to me know that Quintessa has been a true love of mine since they started in the early to mid 90's.  I have every vintage ever made in my basement.  Most also in 1.5s or 3 liters.  Its my wine.  I wont say its my "favorite" but it definately could be.  Ive never had a bad glass of quintessa.  Never.  Once it took me and my favorite wine friend Emily about 3 hours to drink a bottle of Quintessa.  Emily can usually drink 3 bottles in 3 hours .  This goes to show the lingering and amazingness of Quintessa -
Im off track - Ritual pinot noir - it lingers, it tastes like how pinot  noir should taste.  It has black cherry, earth, mushroom, and life is just better with it.  And with copper river salmon it pairs perfectly so get both and there you have it kids.....a perfect friday night.  

 Ill be ignited when I watch you burn

Best moment of my day - having lunch with one of my"soul members" or
playing catch with Ethan or
Copper river salmon and ritual pinot noir

7/13/2011 06:57:31 am

i still think about that bottle...I remember it like it was last week....my teeth are watering thinking about it! xxoo


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