ONe of my favorite gifts - A gift of food!

Stop at Niemuths in Appleton or Waupaca for a gift card -  With fresh fish every T, wed, thur and Friday there is always something fresh and tasty to choose from....Also choice and prime tenderloin.....They have their delicious smoked ham slices (I LOVE) and bacon.  Sonias tasty slaw from Brazil, organic eggs, Famous potato salad and many wines to choose from - I forgot about Zittau Cheese!  So you dont have to make the drive but that goes into my #2 today

Union Star Cheese Factory in ZIttau (but a fremont address) with their funny sign that either says OPEN or SHUT-
I used to live very close so I was spoiled.  Now I make the drive - ever since the new highway went up in that Fremont area you dont drive through the city and see it to stop so I try to make a special trip knowing their business probably doesnt see the traffic they are used to.  It always has wet windows from the heat of some cheese being made, smells good and they have samples!   Their cheese curds cannot be beat!

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