Wine lovers near and far have heard about "doris' basement" at club liqour
Well - its true- you need an old vintage, vintage champagne, a jug of vin rose, a hard to find single malt scotch, a beer you had once that starts with an A or a place to rent Reidel Glassware - there she is! Her and her daughter Susan run this stacked full place of treasures.  I visit once a week to buy my sparkling water and to gossip a bit - They are both HARD Working women in this mans world of alcohol.  I love them and going there - So looking for the perfect gift of booze - go there and say hi 
Another great treat in Menasha and the BEST PANCAKES IN this area - is Third Street Diner - It is Family owned and they serve up breakfast all day long, fresh never frozen burgers and awesome homeade soup.  Also next door they have just opened up a Pizza place and ice cream shop - The Big Slice!  Just opened last wednesday!  Go try a slice.....

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