Dry creek - Its where the best Zinfandel in California is grown.....
Alexander Valley- Its were Cabernet Sauvignon loves to grow and takes on a tiny eucalyptus taste (i think anyway)

WHat happens when you blend these 2 wines together?  Besides delicious, best of both grapes, juicy, jammy yet structured and chewy tannins = you get Directors Cut Cinema

One of Francis Ford Coppolas' Delicious creations.....And I love it.  I loved it at a wine tasting where it was featured a couple months ago- I loved it at the winery a couple weeks ago and I loved it last night with a arugula, goat cheese salad.  I loved it today at lunch and I also loved the last glass of it tonight while working on the computer.  

Blends are not a new thing in the wine world.  But they are definitely in the spot light right now - You see them everywhere and I feel like I get about 3 new ones a week to sell.  But this one is different and not a "jammy explosion with no tannins" like most of those $10 ones that are coming into the market and leaving just as fast.
Some great quality ones besides Cinema are - Paraduxx by Duckhorn and the ever popular Prisoner which is owned by my favorite Chilean guy - Augustus Huneeus.  www

Directors Cut Cinema is about $25 a bottle
Paraduxx is about 40 

They are not every night wines but they are definitely Saturday night wines....So this Saturday go out and buy one - and let me know what you think.....

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