When I was a young girl I didn't have the dreams of a long flowing white gown.  I didnt pretend to walk down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers or wear a big sparkling cubic zirconia, or put on moms 80s tacky white heels and walk around like a newborn calfs first steps and I didnt have a cabbage patch kid - EVER. 
I liked nature, planting stuff with my dad in the garden and making mud pies in my sandbox. i loved playing in the stream at my parents cottage and playing softball.   
  Ive gone through life never really thinking about marriage too much. Ive watched friends get married throughout the years, Ive stood up in most of their weddings, with many ugly bridesmaids dresses to prove it (sorry ladies).  Ive traveled to Cancun, Vegas and many other places to hear those vows spoken (and yes Elvis DID sing at the Vegas one!).
  My grandparents just celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary - My grandpa telling me the first 60 were great, but this last year (as he shakes his head and turns to look at her with a grin) - she, without thinking, is already trying to swat at him and giggles. THis is the truest love I have seen - They act like they dont care about each other but the second one of them leaves the room, the other is up looking for them.  When grandpa had to stay overnight at the hospital, I sat with him and we used my phone to call her every half hour to make sure SHE was ok.  She yelled at him for not eating all of this supper - how did she know? she wasnt even here?  she knew.  She also yelled at him for having dessert first - another thing she could have only known if she had go-go gadget eyes from 60 miles away- but she was right.  He did eat his damn dessert first.  And also begged me to get him more. (now i wonder where i get it from)  He also asked me for brandy which I thought I may get into a tad bit of trouble so I just got 2 extra desserts instead.
I watch these 2 bicker, swat, throw cookies at, laugh, and drink instant coffee with each other and wonder if thats what its all about?  Im sure they had crazy hard times and times where they wanted to throw it all away.  TImes where a hammer may have been needed and times when a shoulder was there for support.  Growing up I watched them, loved them as I do now, probably more now actually.   Now in my mid-30s-  I will never have 60 years of marriage under my belt (unless wine is finally realized as the fountain of youth)  I definately wont have 5 kids like them or oodles of grandchildren like them.  And Im ok with that but I have to say- When i see them and spend time with them - makes me hope for being able to swat at someone and share wine and eat cookies together.  I really DONT hope to drink that shitty instant coffee though.  

I must quit - u

Best moment of my day - taking a walk with a great friend and her smiling baby boy on this perfect night......

Jennifer Romero
6/13/2011 11:38:57 pm

Beautiful, Amber.........


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