So Ive been feeling a tad lazy to do list growing by the minute and my want to do list by the second.  A friend looked up my horoscope today and as he started reading, I wondered if this nonsense was nonsense?  He seemed to think it made perfect sense.  First it said for me not to go on vacation at all this month- well that already irritated me but this horoscope may have a point for me trying to chip away at this to-do list.  It said I may have some romance this month - HA- doesnt everyones horoscope say that?  well I will hope for that too then.....It also said I would have some big news happen to me on the 11th so stay tuned.

As for tonight- I actually didnt drink- YES you heard it here first. NO WINE.  I even made dinner ( I did put wine in my food- I made a marsala pan sauce for my chicken with rosemary that was killer!) but the alcohol burned off so it doesnt count!  Ive been studying for my CSS test - which is on friday and I am unprepared.  But I did break long enough to take a drive in Buttercup to the lake and watch the sunset.  I walked around for awhile and smelled the freshness of new summer.  I relished in the thoughts of how life has a way of bringing you back and as I drove home tonight with the windows down and my hair blowing, Sinatra on the radio - maybe i wanted to be back

Best part of my day - eating plump golden raspberries on a bench by the water, a light breeze and a slivered moon
dentist elf
6/7/2011 12:44:24 am

Amber, sometimes it is the distractions in life that hold the most fulfillment. Astrology is whatever you read into it, true, and probably alot of habble-a-hui, but as you turn around and look at the "shiney" distractions of life - try to let it all in. Breath life deaply!

dentist elf
6/7/2011 02:55:26 am

Another quick nooner for you Amber -
LAZY "Letting A day find You". Type "a" personalities are constantly siezing the day. The balance in life if letting it find you now and then.
hot muggy evening in store - may I suggest a cold Weiss beer might help you get out of your non drinking funk tonight:) Pick up some sushi too! ahhhhhhh! :)


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