cour·age [kur-ij, kuhr-]  noun -
the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
This is what courage means in the dictionary.
I was thinking about that word 2 days ago and trying to relate it to my life.  Not my personal life - but my extended.  Yesterday I witnessed courage so many times - I don't know if I was looking for it so it was all the more apparent, or if yesterday was just one of those days that was meant for me to see in the big scheme of things.
    I have a friend whos husband has cancer.  I look at her and see her positive attitude and wonder how scared she must be but not losing focus of how scared he must be.  She continues to amaze me and I want to squeeze and hug her and tell her how inspirational she is.
    Can you love 2 people at once?  Im not sure - I think so though.  I witnessed this yesterday and the struggle that he goes through.  wondering if you made the right decision and sub - consciously going back and forth in your mind as you flirt with danger.  I think he made a courageous decision. A strong one and one that I'm not sure I could have made.
    A restaurant owner that after many years had to shut its doors, and they did before they started to lose their personal property and what was left of their minds.  The investment of money doesnt mean anything in the long run-its the parts of their lives they invested and the time and love they put in.  THey were courageous enough to do the right thing for their family.  I respect them immensely.
    A woman going through a difficult divorce who feels like no one can possibly understand what she is going through.   She right.  Everyone is different in how they feel.  Only love and support from your friends is here even if we don't know.  Its here when you need it- I will be aggressive with you and continue to pry because your my friend and I am bossy.  Sorry in advance.
    Someone who finally said - no thats enough- Im done..... knowing how hard it had to be to say it - thats courage.  Finally realizing you can do it.  Feeling relief but utter loss.
    Remember the song from the titanic "my heart will go on" - as they clasp hands trying to get the last touches and kisses and words to each other as they know the end is near but both still carry one thing even until the last breath- and thats hope.  I had hope yesterday.  I made a mistake but was hoping to fix it. Maybe its too late to fix.
     I fell off the courage wagon.  I actually think Ive been off the courage wagon for awhile.  Im getting my ass back on it to start making small changes and some big life changes and be the courageous one I used to be.  The person that decided something and never looked back at the decision but moved forward to make it happen.  That quality in me was stonghold- I thought.   

i need you to know that we'll be ok - we can make it through another day

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