Bandera Texas

Yes - if you want to meet an Amber you have never met - meet me in Bandera, TX.

Cowboy hats, cowboy boots, a firm hand on your back, polite nods, dancing on air, honkey tonk music that begs for you to come out on the dance floor, a floral breeze, the perfect temperature, a longhorn, single servings of wine and the feeling of being free.
  I had the best brisket from this angry old woman, I bought my cowboy boots, the rodeo was in town, memorial day weekend.....all the ingredients for the best recipe.

11 street cowboy bar
I dont know why this place affected me the way it did.
I love dancing and boy did I dance
I love cowboy boots and I dont think I met anyone that wasnt wearing them- including myself
I love cowboys - and these were real ones - YES
I rode a longhorn - one with a 7 foot 4 inch spread- his name was oreo - like the cookie
I love that a man can look so manly and burly and have facial hair and dirt under his fingernails and then get on the dance floor and so proudly dance with his lady and it looks like he is floating on a cloud, his hand so proper on her back letting her know that he was in control but doing it so softly like he was holding a child.  And this just isnt one cowboy - this is all of them.  And when the song is over they walk you back to your spot, hand in hand, and thank you for the dance.  I didnt know this was the way it happened and one of the nice cowboys told me the way - so I wasnt disrespectful.  They MUST walk you back to your spot.

I saw Jake Hooker - he is a famous honkey tonk country band. He and his band was stellar.  I was so impressed on that fine Friday night of Memorial day weekend.  I spent 3 days here in Bandera and had never planned on even going there - it was a quick thinking detour.  I am so glad I did. It was a side of me that I forgot was there and it also reminded me how I romanticize most situations in my head.    

George Straits band played on Sunday night - Amazing.  

I will be back to that magical place and I will find the dance floor again, with my cowboy boots 

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