have you been here!  wow its a must
On a bluebird day, I traveled up from Klamath falls to see this monster.  Oregons Finest. Crater lake is the deepest lake in the US and the 7th deepest in the world.  It is a huge basin that used to be a volcano (mt mazma) but when it erupted, the lava stored underneath the volcano shot out and the volcano collapsed in its place, thus creating crater later.  It is about 1900 ft deep and is about 32 miles around (the rim drive)  There is a small piece of land jutting out of the water and this is another volcano that was formed (there is a couple more "sleeping" under the water as well.)  There is no inlet or outlet for the lake so water seeps out in the rocks and evaporates - I think they said 16 million gallons of water evaporates out a year and 18 million seeps out.  WOW  You can see down (clarity) about 140 feet.  So if you lose your sunglasses in the water you should watch them go to their death for 140 ft before making its way down the rest of the way.  There is very few chemicals in the water - that is why its so clear.  The water is rain and snow - that is it.
  I hiked down the 2.5 miles to touch the water and met some crazy kids who were cliff jumping into the water- I only put my feet in on a rock as a 2.5 miles hike straight up wet would of been terrible (Am i old officially?)
The water wasn't just blue, but Crayola should name a new shade of blue crayon "Crater lake blue".  It was majestic.  They do give boat tour around the lake (they shut down for the year the day before I had gotten there :( and these are the only boats that can drive in the lake besides rangers and research teams) * this is where you can see the old man in th  All around the rim drive is vista points you can pull off to see.  Also some waterfalls to enjoy.  I hiked a couple miles to Paikini Falls and to Vitae Falls.  I stopped at the Crater Lake Inn for lunch - had a great table and an average lunch but a great glass of Oregon Pinot Gris.  I hiked many miles, drove a ton and got great pictures that do not even come close to how amazing it was in person.  I watched the sunset driving the last stretch of the rim- the view was amazing and the sunset filled the entire sky like a red and orange blanket.  There was some natural wild fires in the distance that made it look pretty unreal as well.
  I did a lot in 10 hours but could of spent another full day there hiking.  It was a great time of year to go because no crowds, weather was 79 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky.  This is something I can now check off my list.  I have always wanted to go-it was better then I imagined.  Words cannot describe, pictures don't do it justice.  GO GO GO!

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