So tonight was quite a night - Christina (my fantastic friend whom i can be completely honest with, and shes seen me naked so you know you can trust someone after she can still look at you) and I took a walk and then dove into a 1995 Pommery Champagne.  She asked if it was ok to drink such a fab bottle on a regular thursday.  ABSOLUTELY it is - we must! I bought Blue Fin Tuna at Neimuths for 21.99 a lb. You can't drink some mediocre s blanc with blue fin tuna?!  So we were off to experience this toasty, yet fresh and tiny bubble champagne.  It slid down way too easy! Our conversations are always almost about boys....(yes boys)  and tonight it was about boys yes,  but also about our personal growth.  We made a hard realization that we were the ones holding ourselves back.  Did everyone else already know this?  Why didnt you people reach out?  Well.....From here on out - moving forward with only ourselves in mind (fingers crossed) 
We made a salad with arugula, raspberries, red peppers, parmesan reggiano, almonds and fennel.  I made my simple vinaigrette (18 yr balsalmic vinegar and greek olive oil from The Olive Cellar) and then seared both sides of the tuna with a squirt of honey and a dash of porcini salt and a meal for a king we did eat!  Perfect with the champagne, perfect with my company, perfect with the breeze blowing in on a cool night.  Did i say perfect?
  Im blessed to have her as a friend and every day I hope she lives up to her potential and leaves here to bigger and better things.  Selfishly I hope she moves somewhere fabulous and warm so I have somewhere else to go in the winter  ;)

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