Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Sunday dinner at Grams, date night, a Friday night with the girls, New Years Eve......all great "feel good" days.  And all of these days revolve around a meal or food.  Food is the glue to all of these days, moments and memories.  I remember my grams 7 layer torte on Christmas day night, my other grams sweadish meatballs and swiss steak for lunch on Christmas day.  Growing up my gram made me a chocolate cake with white frosting with tiny chocolate chips in them for my birthday.  My babysitter Joan used to make "yummy" bars - caramel brownies as gooey and delicious as you can imagine.  During the first week of December you could find me on a Saturday morning shoving Rosettes,  made just that morning, in my mouth in silence, hiding under the bed as I may get in trouble as they were for guests...My great grandma made homeade lefce....flaky and delcious sprinkled with butter and sugar.  "hot dish" from my gram which was glorifed spaghetti with water added. A friends mom made the best hot beef, salty and savory.  Maybe its salmon yaki from Katsuya, antipasto platter at carmellas, white chicken chili at Fratellos, roasted red pepper and gouda soup from Pullmans, portugese mussels or guacamole at Ilangolo, scallops at Lombardis, the pizza at wild truffle, the french fries at good company, the cheese platters at red and white, the old Willow blue cheese and bacon spinach salad, Lisas espresso creme brulee, saganaki at Appollon, proscuitto salad at Cannovas, drunken noodle at Cys Asian bistro, mac and cheese at Zuppas, garlic chicken gourmet pizza at stucs, pancakes at third street diner, sampler platter at Trattoria Stefanos, pretzel bun at Urbane, any soup at Il Ritrovo. The first bite of the perfectly ripe peach, an overipe fig, a carrot just pulled from the ground, a tomato still hot from the sun, raspberries off the bush, green beans picked straight from the plant.......all these delicious foods have given me a memory.  It may be with friends, a loved one, family - through great times and the worst of times.  I love how food brings us all together and tells a story.  I love going to restaurants and eating other peoples favorites foods to see why they loved it so much, why did the chef pick that - it all leads back to a memory they had had and twisted it to become their own.  I think its marvelous. 
I love to cook.  I take all these ingredients out of my life and try to come up with new fun things.  I can open a kitchen cupboard  - even a fairly bare one, and come up with something tasty to eat. 
Back to food. And Memories.  Its a very poetic and nuturing thing to smell a smell you remember and it brings you back.  I love breaking bread with friends  - its easier to have conversations, its easier to talk about your feeling and its definately easier to drink.  So cheers to food.....The everlasting glue in most of our lives.

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