Sunset - another beauty.  pinks and oranges. A perfectly hot day.  Love it. 

I had a conversation today that made me realize that I am cynical......but only in my personal life.  Not in my work life. 
Here is the definition -
1. Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

Even looking at it now makes me uncomfortable. Am i really this person sometimes........yep

On a grander note - I had a lot of success with work today, had lunch at a dear friends by the lake and a glass of Girard Sauvignon Blanc, had sushi with my bros girlfriend tonight, 2 glasses of Crossings Sauvignon blanc (which is really great wine, zesty, zingy and crispy on the end- great pairing to a scorching hot day), watched the sunset and now am going to eat ice cream and study. 
Its also Emilys 7th birthday today - I called her tonight and she told me she got a pink sleeping bag and clothes.  She said she had pizza and cake.  She sounded excited and happy and so much older than 7! 

Disheveled would be the word of the day if there was one
Favorite part of the day - a conversation about stress with a customer Nicci.  the only time I may have relaxed today and not looked at my phone

although i search myself - theres always someone else i see

Dentist elf
6/7/2011 09:25:39 pm

cynical or pragmatic? You may be reacting a bit harsh to your reaction that caused you to label yourself cynical. Your spirit of driving your life of success has added a survival mechanism. You evaluate those that are going to get you to a goal and those that are going to hurt that process. In sales you meticulously start to balance along a path of least resistance. "I want point b, I am at point a. This person is NOT helping me get there" nothing wrong with this! Your not cynical! Your a conditioned fighter - being hard on yourself as you let life back in. :) breathe :)


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