I am back to reality and have decided  to get back on track

Dreams - what are yours?

I have all these things I want to do - for me and for others too - but personal growth is  on the front burner right now.

Some things I conquer somewhat quickly - like buying plane tickets to somewhere new on a drop of a dime (or one too many glasses of wine), or getting in the car and leaving for a day or 2 to someplace I heard of from friend of a friend
Some things take longer - like this website took to get going, studying for my CWE, and my ass to be smaller

Some things have been sitting there for a long time and arent ready to happen or some can happen and I dont know why I dont follow through on them - like moving to California, getting married in a garden of flowers on a sunny day, and drinking Champagne in Champagne.

Ive decided there is so many reason why we dont live our dreams out,  - we are scared, nervous, lazy, busy......I am going to continue the journey through and that last list will be c hecked off soon enough

living is not as hard as it seems

best part of my day - Olivia (4yr old) telling me she loved my blue toenail polish and she loves it when I come over - Then as I was leaving she ran outside to give me another hug and kiss - you can t pay for that feeling.  Its innocent and amazing

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