What do you drink? 
Sweet, white, red, dry, sparkling, pink, blush, sake, fruity, sangria, slammer, patio pounder?
   I get asked all the time - What do you drink?  Well honestly - it all depends. Where I am eating, the mood I'm in, the weather, the wine list, my house, friends house, car, day drinking or night drinking, can i have only one glass or two(or maybe 3?) what I am eating, and again - the mood....
All of these things matter.  I have opened up a bottle at home, had a drink, then opened up another one because I wasnt "feeling it."   If I go to a place and they have wine that I am not in the mood for or just plain shitty wine, I wont drink.  Im cool with that.  I would rather drink nothing then something i dont like.  Food the same way.
   So also - I get asked - Whats your favorite wine?  well, i could say Zinfandel on a freezing cold day in front of the fireplace with Christmas tree lights blinking in the background, the star looking down at me like the coming of Jesus.  I could say the zingy and fruity sauvignon blanc from New zealand on the hottest summer day, sitting outside on the patio with the sun blazing down and beads of sweat dripping down my brow.....or I could say champagne on just an ordinary day, i dont need a celebration to sit back and relax with the tiny bubbles popping in my mouth like pop rocks.  or maybe its the Sunday morning sipper with my gram.....usually its blush or the famous carlo rossi sangria out of a 5 liter, or sometimes the dreaded manischewitz that is so sweet it actually makes my teeth hurt and after i have to brush them because of the caterpillars that have seemed to land in my mouth. 
  Whatever the day is, the friends I am with, the way I hope to feel, want to feel, all of those things make that glass of wine my favorite. so many memories are made with wine and the way it makes you feel. 

so Please - Tell me your favorite wine?  how does it make you feel? 
Leave me a comment - Curiousity is my beast today

want a little more right and a little less left

Favorite moment of my day - Hearing some excitement in my dad when I gave him tickets to the Nascar race for Fathers day

6/17/2011 05:46:37 am

Boone's Farm with my boys and a house party.(just not the blue Hawaiian) Bubbles and lunch with someone special. Jugs of Lambrusco at family dinners. Chianti with a big plate of pasta. They all have a special place in my heart. Its the people your with that make the wine.

6/17/2011 06:09:00 am

Drinking good wine is like reading an antique book about a time long gone by but somehow familiar. The wine I like to drink is on its native soil, when in Rome...

6/17/2011 01:58:14 pm

I finally got to try my autographed bottle of Charles Woodson Cab. It had been sitting for 16 long months. Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I was fortunate to share the bottle with some family and friends. My mother wanted to try it and poured a glass. She wanted to add ice cubes and Mountain Dew to it to make a spritzer. I took it away and said this was grown up wine and that it shouldn't be ruined. I would say that this is a new favorite wine for me. There are so many to name. I guess, as I age, so do my tastes for what I like. I can't pass up a Chilean Cab or Mount Veder, or Seghesio private select or Quintessa.

6/18/2011 01:02:54 am

I agree that it is impossible to pick one favorite but also am an enormous fan of Quintessa. The dinner we did at Riverbend was one of the best in my career. The wines are amazing and each vintage is different and has a character that is distinctly Quintessa but with individual character. Other favs - Didier Dagueneau Pouilly Fume Silex (no longer made as Didier passed away in a flying accident a few years ago but I have 2 btls in my cellar), Zind Humbrecht Alsace, Armand Rousseau Gevrey Chambertin, Chateau Gilette, Louise Pommery....wait, the list will go on and on and on....can't do this. Wine should be about the moment and about having fun! Just as impossible to pick a favorite wine as a favorite child!


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