Februarys month of wine
1. Acrobat Pinot gris from Oregon- Red and white
2. no wine
3. Had to be with my family - Nobilo s blanc, Beringer Napa Valley merlot and Glazebrook - Simpsons in Waupaca and Katsuya
4.Vueve Cliquot at Swig for Lunch and Ponzi Pinot Gris At Crazy Water
5. Superbowl Sunday - 00 Trefethen Merlot while watching Madonna
6. 00 Trefethen Merlot again
7. Chateau Bonnet blanc and Frogs Leap Cabernet at opening of Dockside
8. 09 Duckhorn Sauv Blanc with a great game of banagrams
9. So be it pinot noir - just a sip
10. Boys and Girls Club WIne tasting in GB - wine of the night was Coppola Cinema - zin and cab blend - super delish
11. no wine
12. no wine
13. a sip of so be it pinot noir
14.  Valentines day - had a drink with one of my bffs at Duke of Devon - Roederer estate bubbly!
15. Mt Veeder 97 Reserve Cabernet - WOA - it was a little past which was disappointing - 08 seghesio ZInfandel - super yum
16. Red and white with my girl Julie had an 08 mt Veeder Cabernet
17. 04 duckhorn Howell Mt Red - one of the better wines Ive had in months - so huge and sexy - i loved it - 18. Braise in Milwaukee with my diva Christina - An Albarino from edna valley and Au BOn climate pinot noir that was overoaked and toasty and a beautiful aglianico - then a 06 jordan cabernet in front of the fire
19. 2010 decoy red blend - banagrams with my bro
20. Whitehaven s blanc at a staff training
21. Veramonte Pinot Noir at Red and white wine tasting for pinot noir
22. Fratellos wine dinner - Ramon Biblao and Paraduxx - the duxx was gorgeous!
23. no wine
24. Pol Roger Champagne - Boys and girls club wine tasting in Appleton - Beringer Private reserve, Silver oak and many others....I was sick but still ventured forward
25. no wine
26. Guenoc Mearitage - a dear friend gave me this bottle and it was delicious even though I was dying sick - only half a glass
27. no wine
28. glazebrook at Katsuya - just a half a glass
29. Leap Year Day and a horrible day at that - why? why? why?  no wine

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