I have a problem - I surf the internet for memories - when I say that I mean I read travel blogs, tripadvisor, travel magazines, food and wine magazines, "the best of" searches, and all the inbetweens.  I want to go and see and live. I want to feel strong, pampered, out of my comfort zone, odd, weak, luxurious, rough, inspired, in my comfort zone, soft, problem-free, loved, independant, controlled, helpless and just plain "lived".
I want to feel how that person that left the most glowing recommendation of how they felt at a certain place.  I want to see if I feel that way.  Now - there is a lot into that as well.  I follow certain people so we have the same likes and dislikes (example - I dont have kids or pets, and I would say I am a luxury adventurer who isnt afraid of getting dirty) The people I follow are similar to my category.  (another example- if I was following my grandparents they would think instant coffee in a $25 a nite hotel with bed bugs is ok because they got "a deal" on it)  I obvisously wouldnt feel the same..I would actually leave and sleep in my car before that ever happened but thats another story all in itself.

So this takes me to Canoe Bay.  A resort in NW Wisconsin that I never new existed until a well-traveled friend of mine (thanks Stephen) told me about it.  I have been wanting to go since the day he spoke of it (which was in 2010) so I decided now was the time.  I made last minute reservations on thursday morning and left Friday.  (another thing I am - impulsive)
The drive up was nice - about 4 hrs give or take.  10 miles off the highway and there it was - A sign that said "Canoe Bay" 
Drove in - a sign that said "if you dont have reservations or are a delivery - turn around you are trespassing"   (yes!)
This facility is a Frank Lloyd Wright design resort.  John Rattenbury was one of FLW's first students and continues to live at Taliesen in Arizona.  He designed some of the structures as well.  The structures blended into the landscape and the details were truly amazing (thoughts of my old house swimming in my head)
Room was luxurious - bed was like a cloud.  Fireplace and whirpool bathtub.  I went kayaking and Canoes were available too to use on one of their 3 private lakes.  There is hiking trails all around the property as well. (one of the only negatives is that the horse flies were out in full swing like little warriors trying to exult me)  It is private and you almost dont know anyone else is there. Breakfast comes to you every morning in a wood crate - fresh from the oven baked goods, fresh squeezed oj and french press coffee.  Dinner was up in their private restaurant with views of the lake.  The food was a 3 course prix fix menu attached with an amuse bouche.  I had Half bottles of Champagne - Veuve and Taittinger - with my meals which were meticulous and delicous with produce from the gardens that are around the property.  At checkout they give you cowboy cookies for your drive.
It is what they say - amazing, relaxing and a way to spend a weekend doing nothing but living.  And thats what I did.  "lived"

we must live while we can and we'll drink our cup of laughter

best moment - Sunday morning, a sit in the big chair, looking out the window at the lake, with a book,  a cup of coffee, a fuzzy blanket wrapped around me.

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