YOU make your life happen.  Someone else doesn't magically come down and change it, saying to themselves - "yeah, its time she gets a break". 
Its no time for blaming, whining or crying.  bad things do happen to good people and there, of course, is circumstances that we only can wish and hope for change.  But if we dont try make ourselves happy we won't ever be fullfilled.

on a lighter note I had some pretty amazing wine yesterday.  J russian river pinot noir 08.  Man - finesse and silkiness and the finish that layered and lingered.  it had been open for 30ish hours and I will tell you it tasted better as it opened up. 
Then a bottle of Foxen Santa rita hills Pinot noir.  This pinot noir was more masculine and acidic finish.  I love it too.  It hit me on the top of my palate and didnt move.  Lingered and would go great with a fatty piece of pork.

Also lastly - 08 Buehler Napa Valley Cabernet Sauv.
HOly crap was this cabernet made for me?  It is one of the most classic styles of cabernet I have ever  had.  It was full bodied, great tannins (soft and lingering) smooth and dark black fruit hints. 

So - get out and make your changes in life - your the only one to make it happen

another turning point a fork stuck in the road

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