I heart Zinfandel.
This was an exciting tasting of 3 paso, 3 napa and 3 dry creek zins. We had to blind taste and pick out where they all were from.

Here was the list we got at the end
1. Brown estate from napa
2. Turley Howell mt
3. Biali st Helena
4. Proulx willow creek
5. Ancient peaks margarita vineyards
6. Peachy canyon especial
7. Morrison rock pile
8. Ridge lytton springs
9. Dasche Florence

My favorites -
peachy canyon-an old favorite
Ridge Lytton springs-a classic

The owner of both of those wineries were there also to go through these wines and the different areas

A pleasure and Ieft with black teeth
7/28/2012 06:28:56 am

Peachy canyon!!! I haven't had that for forever, yum


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