So besides the messy week of a centipede deciding he was wanted in my shower, many beautiful sunsets, ropes, a great round of golf where I felt like Tiger woods winning his championship, and another round that made me want to shove the clubs into a metal grinder, a 2.5 hour car race with hot and sweaty boys in uniform then remembering I was with my dad so all of those thoughts going away quickly...., an Italian wine tasting with great people, a finale wine dinner with emotions running wild and deja vu setting in, Seghesio San Lorenzo ZInfandel, Starborough Sauvignon blanc, A greek white, Brancaia Tre, Riondo Prosecco, many more wines and a classic oldie but good for me - mondavi napa cab 02 half bottle, This week has been busy, messy, tiring and inspirational.

Ive heard of Gin and tonics - had a couple on a hot summer day in a bar....yes a bar (you were expecting outside on a sunny day?)  Ive heard of Gin martinis - the original martini......Ive heard of Gin Gibsons - just pop a pickeled onion in that martini - BAM.....Gin Fizz, Gin gimlet, Pink Lady, Gin Manhatten, Gin Collins and even Snoop dogg is sipping on gin and juice...........Ive even heard of the worst (And seen it in person) _ Gin and coke (not kidding)

Through all of that - I came home tonight to a package in the mail - the result of the test I took 2 weeks ago - CSS (Certified Specialist of Spirits) - I passed! and honestly I didnt give it my usual attention so I was pretty surprised.  And Im happy......you want to know about the botanicals in gin, I can tell you - or the difference between single malt and single barrel - or maybe your interested in the aging and process of making tequila (i know even the thought of tequila still gets me in trouble - too many gimlets for me - yes i said tequila gimlets - ouch!)  So what does this mean?  Well more letters behind my name for starters - (whoop de doo)  I guess it means that I know a lot about alcohol - beer liquor and wine.  their regions and aging requirments and etc etc.  It also means that I tried.  I took the time and did it and succeeded.  Thats what all of this means.  We all go through life living differently. I have a bad habit of wanting to do it all and right now.   Whats Next? - maybe I will learn a new habit.. Suggestions?

6/25/2011 03:05:25 pm

Gin and pink grapefruit rocks. How about a Negroni made with gin and Campari, with a bit of sweet Vermouth? Yummy.

Congrats on your new surname...and your diligence. I completely understand the pride you feel, and you should. (I also want to know everything, yesterday. My bucket list is freakishly long...)>

Congrats on your new blog too. I will follow. Muah...


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