I dont watch tv...very little anyway.  I did watch a tv show for years because my celebrity boyfriend, Rob Lowe, was in it.  But now that they have killed him off its not as much of a priority.  
  If I am completely bored (which seems to not happen often as my schedule is like a bees - always trying to get as much as I can in before I pass out dead) or I am traveling,  I will throw you tube on my pc or ipad on the plane -  and watch Oz and James's Big  Wine Adventures.  IT IS HILARIOUS- you dont have to know a lot about wine to enjoy it- just the opposite, they make wine fun, educational and hilarious all at once. Most are between 8-16 minutes long and honestly, I laugh out loud most of the show. 
  James May is on the really cool show - TOP GEAR on BBC - its the original Top Gear - not the new tacky american version.  That is the other show I watch while traveling.  It keeps me up on my car talk (ha).  James knows almost  nothing about wine and keeps Oz on his toes every second. 
Oz Clarke is a British Wine Writer who is a complete wino.  He is snooty and hilarious as well in his own little way. 
Together, they really accentuate each other. Give it a look at....you will be surprised.


Smoked my stuff and drank....all my wine

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