A windy drive north on 128 takes you into Mendocino county and Anderson Valley will appear.  A drive through Boonville means you are almost there - Goldeneye WInery appears.  
Pinot noir made intense and light....full but elegant....Zac Rasmussen, winemaker, is handsome, cool and serious about Pinot Noir.  Their pinot noir rose is delicious and sitting outside in the sun, overlooking the vineyards it seems as if life has stopped to say thank you.  I love it here - this is wine country - without all the celebrity chefs, without the constant turn of the head to see all the wineries drive by, without the glitz and glam....this is pinot noir country and a place to go to sit back and enjoy a wine without wondering where you are going next.  This is where memories are made in sunsets, quite moments and gives you time to look at the person next to you and

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