So Today is my websites 1 year anniversary - 
Lately I have been slacking - Life seems to have gotten busy but also I have gotten a tad lazy as well.  
In the last year I have traveled a ton, made amazing memories with friends (old and new), Lost contact with people that I thought I couldnt live without, had a million laughs with my grandparents, found out I am becoming an auntie, trudged through heartache and drank more wine then I should of.

A great year indeed....
As I read back on some of these posts- some of them made me really wonder if that was really me that wrote them.  Its crazy to look back and realize that I was living in a dark cloud for a little bit, that sometimes I was so thankful in life and in others I was happier then I had been in what seemed like forever.  Its pretty heartfelt and awesome to look back at your year and see how you have grown.  Its great to re-live some of those moments that I have had with my grandparents.  I found myself laughing out loud reading some of them and others I had to quickly push the arrow forward as I was embarrassed to read it- then realizing it was about myself and the world could read it made it even more uncomfortable.  

I also realized how many hidden meanings and things I would hide in my words.

My first 7 months of blogs had crazy titles and always a phrase to end the blog with - that was always lyrics to a song ....i am going to start that again - it was a neat idea.

I am going to make it more travel, wine and food focused starting today (as IPAD FINally has an app for my website carrier) and i promise to be more witty and educational.

Its time people - quit waiting - there is never going to be a "right" time

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