Here they are - my grandparents. 
I went to church this morning with them- we sang songs and then it came to the prayer of the day and the pastor wanted everyone to pray for them and their 62 years together.  My grandpa clearly has a hearing problem....and throughout church doesn't really pay attention - but he refuses to get hearing aids. 
Anyway, he hears the pastor say his name and his head shoots up and he starts looking up at the front of the church - then he looks at me and gram and his hands go up like "what?" as everyone has their heads bowed.  I shoo him and put my folded hands up so he prays.  
After church everyone keeps coming up and saying Congratulations- he pulls me aside and says 
"whats going on - why is everyone saying that?"
I say - "Its your anniversary"
He says - "its my birthday?"
"no, your anniversary - 62 years"
he says "52 years?"
I shoo him again and he shakes hands and we leave.
We went back to their house and were visiting with other family members.  
They really are something special.
In 5 minutes they can be yelling at each other about his sugar - loving eating habits, she could be giving him a loving touch on his hands, she calls him a Rooshin or Mikey, he tells her she didn't make him breakfast and shes a bad wifey, she giggles like a school girl and he says "what am I going to do with you woman".
They are so clearly in love still- after all of these years.  
Its passionate, comfortable and amazing. I look up to them and their love.  
I love that my grandma bought him that tie because it matched her shirt and she loves flowers.  
I love that he wore that tie. 
 I love that almost all of my family made it to celebrate with broasted chicken with all the fixins.  
I love that my grandpa slammed 2 huge glasses of brandy and my gram sipped on Barefoot White Zinfandel.  

I love that halfway through lunch, my grandpa was worried that he didn't have enough beer at the house or brandy for that matter and wondered if we could make a beer run on the way home.
I love that my grams slip showed today.
I loved watching him, watching her,  at all times - not only making sure she was alright but because it comforted him and reminded him he was were he was supposed to be.  He has Alzheimers- beginning of it, and its hard for him to always know whats going on when there is so many people around- and just the sight of her comforts him.  
I love the smile she gives him - she looks at him like she is so proud that he is her husband- and she honestly giggles like a school girl around him still... 
Lastly I love that they are mine - they are my blood, they are my soul, they are MY grandparents. Just knowing that I have a part of them in me makes me happy to know I could be even a little like them throughout my life.  I am lucky.....every. single. day. that they are here.

Happy 62 years to you gram and grampa 

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