I didnt have time to post about Arizona and off I went for a unexpected weekend away to Washington dc just a couple days later....so Ive been home for 15 minutes from DC and Im going to first hit AZ.
Nevada and Arizona - What a place of beauty.  I flew into Vegas - dined at Sage which I would not do again.  The ambience was nice but the food just wasnt amazing - immersion cooking a short rib is completely ridiculous .
Off to the Grand Canyon Skywalk www.grandcanyonskywalk.com  a 70 ft bridge that soars over the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.  Oh and by the way it is all glass!  Im not afraid of heights and as I get braver and less anxious Ive realized these things give me absolutely no fear anymore.  It was quite a drive and after a quick lunch and needed stop to a wine shop.....there I was.  It was expensive and im not sure if I would have done it again. The glass walkway was by far not the most amazing thing at this majestic place.  They give you ample time to check it out, take funny pics for you to purchase and let you walk around these amazing grounds, with no guards.  You could run and JUMP into your own death if wanted. 
I watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon, the sky with oranges and pinks and my heart full of love. 
Onward to the long drive to Flagstaff.....
I Had brunch at Josephines - www.josephinesrestaurant.com  They were completely booked and I had no reservation.  They looked at me like I was a lost puppy and pulled me up a kitchen chair.  I ate a Thanksgiving Feast by myself and thought about my grandparents.  On the menu was this old comforting salad - spinach hot bacon salad that chef Paul used to make at the WIllow 10 years ago.  It brought me back and gave me warm fuzzies.
I hiked into the Arizona Snowbowl and saw some SNOW!
Off to Sedona......a drive that you could never forget - so beautiful.  All their leaves were changing and when set against the reddest rocks and mountains I have ever seen - i would fight you over the fact that this may be the most beautiful city in America.  I felt different driving into town.  I felt my body settle down, my face muscles relax, my arms and neck start to lower.....I felt really awesome.  I checked into L Auberge de Sedona   www.lauberge.com.  This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed.  I did yoga every morning.  I took baths overlooking the red rock mountains, I showered outside in my cedar shower - the steam flowing up as it was so chilly outside at night and the water scorching hot.  I sat by the fireplace at night and drank delicious wine.  I ate organic food and cleansed my soul.  I went to Wineries only a short, gorgeous drive away...I drank Syrah and grenache and Viognier.  
I hiked a bunch of miles to Devils bridge, Cathedral Mountain, Soldiers Pass, Red Rock Pass.  I stopped at Energy Vortexes and released my negative energy.  I smiled a bunch and felt relaxed, relieved and finally alive.  I thought this was it.  I thought this was the moment.  My life was going to change forever.  I was going to move forward and my Thanksgiving wish was going to come true...I thought this is where I want to be.  I dont ever want to leave this. 
I left Sedona with only the best memories.  It was one of the best weekends I have had this year.  Its a hikers dream, a hippies quest, its luxury or cheap, its love and hate, and its always going to stay in my heart as the weekend I slipped through the cracks of the choking hold that life had on me.  I released, loved and released love.  Im on my way up.  Every step forward I make.  I have Sedona to thank for that.  The whymsical red dust that still stains my shoes, the perfect autumn days that smelled of leaves and dirt, the way the city played with my soul and felt like it hugged me and told me it was all going to be alright.  Thanks Sedona. 

But its where I want to be

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