lets talk about grapes

 fact - 99% of grapes have clear juice.

The only reason a red wine is red is that they leave the skins on them when they press and the pigment in the skins runs off into the juice.  They let it hang for days in the tank - they pump the juice over or stir it to continue incorporating it into the juice.  This is something i never knew in the beginning.

 Fact - what is in those skins and pigments are tannins
Tannins are what makes you mouth feel dried out.  It gives a wine structure as well as dryness.  (think about when you make tea at home, if you brew the tea too long it tastes bitter - thats tannins)

Fact - Certain grape varietals (or types of grapes) have different flowering and ripening times as well as skin thickness
This is important in many ways - when to pick, how to pick,  how to press, how much sun it needs, when the last rain can fall etc etc.

Fact - There is a difference between organic grapes and non organic grapes
Have you had an apple that is organic?  a huge difference!  Food that doesnt have pesticides tastes amazing.  Its better for you.  So why wouldnt wine be?

Fact - wine is good for your heart and blood
this is true - 60 minutes did a show about his in the 90s.  People - thins the blood, lowers the cholesterol, and helps with anxiety and marriage (marriage was my addition)

Fact - wine is good and good for you

people say believe in half of what you hear

best moment of my day - sophie and brock - 2 lil people that smile at me  while i think of nothing but them.  ther eis something about a babies smile
7/7/2011 12:33:56 pm

There is no greater love than that..the babies smile..they love their Aunt Amber sooo much and you can see it in their eyes...Hope Love optimism, faith...what a wonderful thing to share...Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence-Helen Keller


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