Have you ever been somewhere on vacation and you think......I could surely live here.  I feel that way all the time.  Portland or Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and eastern Washington or NOCAL wine country?
   This last mini trip I took made me look at things very differently.  I walked the streets of San Fran, went to the farmers market and looked at all the FRESH and IN SEASON fruits and vegetables....I had coffee, ate delcious meals, went shopping and found some smokin deals.  Then drove up to Point Reyes and went to the ocean and cowgirl creamery....I went to Napa Valley and drank wine and bubbles....All in the same day!
    I love SF. I love my girlfriend Kila, her amazing man, Mart.  and Elka, her puppy.  I love Telegraph hill and the picturesque view of the Bay Bridge from the very bed I slept in.  I also love Bananagrams.  PEEL

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