So - the last part of my wacky adventure - Left crater lake and started the very dark drive to Bend oregon.  Stayed at the Oxford Hotel - 
Swanky - one of the best hotel rooms Ive been in!  Great decor, a big tub, french press coffee and great toiletries.  I ate at 10 below - had a cheese and pate plate, pork tacos, bacon mac and cheese and I had a champagne flight to go with it all.  Moet, vueve and perrier jouet (pj was my fav of the bubbly bunch)
I was exhausted after a long day - bed with a buzz! 
I hiked Tumalo falls the next morning, upper and lower falls as well.  I braved the crazy fallen trail and got to kind of walk behind Tumalo.  Was really amazing the power!  
Ate a snack at Level 2 - tuna poke, shrimp tacos and tomato mozz salad with maryhill red blend wine
Checked into Brasada Ranch  
One of the most beautiful, serene and rugged luxury places Ive been to.  Equestrian center, spa, restaurants, Arnold Palmer golf course, athletic club and pools upon gorgeous pools.  The service, the food, my cabin (full cabin with jacuzzi, full gourmet kitchen, king size bed, fireplace, huge deck)  On the walk to dinner, I stared into the black sky that seemed so close I thought I could grab a star.  The Brasada Ranch believes in a "no light pollution" motto so It is a place in the middle of nowhere with no lights except the moon to guide  you.  Its majestic and for the first time I got to see the Milky way - the real milky way.  WOW.  Probably one of the best moments of my trip.  Relaxed, feeling safe and loved.  Dinner was pretty good - fresh.  Salmon, crab cakes, fresh corn soup.  I sat around a huge fire and stared off into nowhere afterwards.  
Next morning a massage in the morning and off to do some waterfall hikes in the Willamette National Forest.
I saw Shahalie falls and a couple others.  Then I rolled into Eugeune, checked into the Orchard House, and slammed some King Estate Pinot Gris.  It is almost Harvest in Eugene (week or so)   King estate winery is a 1200 acre estate that makes killer wine (all organic) has their own bees for honey, plum trees, raspberries, blackberries, their own bakery, make their own charcuterie, lavendar (own shampoos etc)  This place is amazing. They also have the #1 rated restaurant near Eugene.  Ate like a Queen - drank like a Princess.  Made a fire in the house and relaxed.
Next day gold and silver falls - not a lot of water.
Checked into Tu Tu Tun Lodge -  Ranked one of the best places to stay in 2007 and 08.  Loved the history and quirkiness of the place.  Their attention to detail was remarkable.  Met some really interesting people, laughed, sat by the fire with some newfound friends and even gained a mother!  Long drive back the next day (8hrs) to San Fran.  Had dinner with a dear friend Kila and her new hot honey - Bocadillos in SF and then off to MIchael Minas Bourban Steak to say hello to my Italian Partner and Sommelier.  A great trip indeed.  Found some answers to some difficult questions that have been stewing inside my head, became confused even more on some others.  I ate, drank, hiked, rode, walked, laughed, loved, was wowed, and gained 7 lbs.  Life is good indeed and please go see the world.  Your never alone with the world around you - enjoy it while you can

ANd I think to myself


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