Im Sick AGAIN! 
I have been ill more in the last year than I have been in the last 6 years!  What is wrong?  Im starting to think maybe Im getting older and my body doesnt want to handle the many days in a row of 14-18 hours days.....people will say......oh Amber but you drink wine and eat food and talk to people all day! How hard is that? 
I will say when you say it like that you have a point 
I start to feel like I should be not thinking it was a long day. 
Waking up at 530am to start my day and getting in at 1130pm is a long day if your sucking on a lollipop, reading a book, jackhammering, teaching or like me -  running around in heels all day, multitasking, juggling two phones that continue to ring, problem upon problem stacking up, fires to be put out, egos to be stroked, follow up and then when the sun goes down....try to reapply some lipliner before getting up in front of a group of people that could be as small as 20 or up to 200 and smile and make their night enjoyable....then drive home, usually make instant oatmeal because I didnt eat all day while checking my email and praying that a tall dark and handsome man will appear ONLY to take off my shoes and rub my feet.....and to take my oatmeal out of the microwave and put some honey and walnuts in it....I am NOT complaining....I love it 95% of the time......But as I cough up half of my lung while I wonder how my body can produce this much snot, I wonder to myself - Am I through with this? How long can I continue it?  I put it upon myself...I make my own schedule......And loved ones around me say - HELLO!!! Take a break - learn to say "no".  Maybe its the fighter in me, or the fact that I am so crazy competitive that I will do nearly anything to myself to be #1 or the best or the one that never fails.....YIKES!
Well - Because of my bodies inability to fight off disease - I have also lost 2 Sundays with my grandparents for fear of getting them

As of today things are changing (Ive promised myself)  Not just with work but with life....I try to fit it ALL, family and friends. I am taking a step back....I am also afraid to read back to see if Ive already said this because I feel as if I may have....BUT TODAY IS FOR REAL!

But I am still going to wish for the tall dark and handsome man to appear at night to take off my shoes - be it 6pm or 11pm..... 

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