So the rotten flu has hit my house....that means me.   I am on Day #6 and today was the best day yet- an ear infection.  Am I 7 again?  And of course in my good ear so now I really can't hear anything (maybe a good thing?)
I have watched a total of 14 movies to date in this 6 days.  and 12 of the 14 have not been very good....
I have made 3 different soups - Chili that I thought I made spicy to knock this head cold the F out!   Didn't work and Im not even sure if it was spicy?! I couldn't taste it and my nose was running already.
THen I made chicken wild rice soup.  Hit the "sick" spot and I thought I was getting better.  New Years Eve came and went and I tried to have a glass of Champagne at midnight but it was hard to completely enjoy.
Soup Number 3 was beef vegetable with veal stock.  Delicious.  Hearty, steamy and beefy.  I thought this was the end to clear it all up.  Nope.  Not yet and then ear infection.  So I am hoping before I get on a plane to sunny southern Cali - my ear is in better shape and i feel human again. 
wash your hands people and cover your mouth! 

ps - sorry for the negativity......

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